rockin’ my Jeffrey Campbell shoes

So I was happy and proud upon receiving the giveaway gift from Leigh and Shopbop.  I was ecstatic knowing that this is going to be my first Jeffrey Campbell shoes and it is the best influence so far in getting back to wearing those gorgeous 4 inches heels and more.  I just love the comfortable fit and for the second time I never brought any flats with me.  The shoe did great wonders for almost a complete day of walking around Siam Paragon and yes inside my soi.  I am just glad I choose the shoes over the dress at Shopbop.

One great news, I saw these Jeffrey Campbell shoes inside Siam Paragon and was very happy at their prices, not so bad considering it is even expensive if you buy it online.  Plus Siam Paragon gives great discounts to Mcard users and that includes me.  I can’t wait for another pair for my 25th birthday, after all I deserve those JC shoes because I am really picky with high heeled shoes.

Rocking my way with my JC shoes.









top: Bangkok

shorts:  Bangkok

shoes:  Jeffrey Campbell

necklace:  loalde

necklace: star from Hongkong

bracelet: gifted












37 responses to “rockin’ my Jeffrey Campbell shoes”

  1. my love, i am so so so jealous of your JCS! and to think its a giveaway gift… so awesome! grabe! lami kaayo! btw we really need to meet up na jud:( sayang kaayo wala… when ka vacation balik? haha

    1. I know Eden…but I am drooling over the wonderful JC’s here in Bangkok…seriously the prices are affordable…

    2. next year pa October I am planning to have a bloggers meet-up nya inig vacation nako…set up a party for all bloggers in Cebu dba lingaw? hhehehehe

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  3. looking good as always! 🙂 rockin your way with jcs!~ hehe cutie!

    1. thanks love…kisses dear!

  4. love your shoes! so amazing!

    1. thanks love 😀 xoxox

  5. weeeeee! so jealous of your JCs sweet…literally drooling right now..hehehe. 😀

    question: what are those small black pots at your back?

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

    1. aww those are tarp stands in the condo…they belong to my land lady…

    1. thanks Audrey and yes it is really comfortable…

  6. i saw these in an earlier post, but i think they look even better on your feet. wonderful shoes!

    1. yes really wonderful and comfortable too

  7. looooooooove jeffrey campbell. and this whole outfit you’ve put together is fabulous. love it girl!

    Vogue Gone Rogue

    1. thanks love beginning to love high heels again hahahah

  8. Happy happy birthday! A lot of birthdays are going on this week! I’m going to a birthday party tomorrow, too. Have fun with your new shoes! I love JC!!

    1. aww nice wowow…november babies

  9. Love love love the shoes!!! ❤


  10. Those shoes are AMAZING!!!!! and what?? It’s your birthday???

    1. yes it is my birthday month but my birthday falls on the 23rd

  11. wow love jeffrey campbel shoes!! gorgeous!

    thanku so much for commenting on my blog 🙂

    keep in touch.xx

    1. thanks love I am really loving it!!!

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  13. Congrats on your winning! The shoes are spectacular!

    1. thanks love 😀 just so happy!

  14. the shoes are lovely! and it will be a great wardrobe staples

    1. yes really wonderful

  15. you look really pretty, girl. nice pod au ang shoes. 🙂

    Win our Perricone giveaway worth $150

  16. they’re gorgeous. honestly, i think girls should always wear heels. i know they can be painful, i’ve experienced for quite a number of times, but fashion knows no comfort. 😛 as we say it here in the philippines, tiis ganda. 😀

  17. hi! I’m going to Bangkok in december this year, and I was just wondering – how much did the Jeffrey Campbell cost? I want to buy a pair and I’m trying to find out how much they cost in Thailand.. because if they are cheaper then in my country, I’ll wait and buy them in Bangkok instead.
    I’m so thankful for an answer!

    1. Hello dear 🙂 yes its a bit cheaper in Bangkok they are also doing some good sales on December…

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