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Men’s WEAR spells sexy!!!!


My laundry basket is already full and I did not have the time to wash my clothes because it was raining the entire week here in Bangkok.  So what is the best way to dress up, why don’t you go to your hub’s closet and rummage through the pieces of clothes he has.   Found this striped long sleeved and tried it on.  WOW!  I bought this for him and I never thought it will be this comfortable, the loose fit makes it more sexy because I can move whatever I want.

When he arrived home from work he was shocked and said it was okay.  But I realized that it was not at all when we went to Forever21 and he said, I’ll buy this shirt for you, this looks the same like my striped long sleeves right? And that left me smiling, he was cool about the fact that I spend a day in his clothes but he was also nice enough to buy me a new shirt so that I wouldn’t borrow his anymore.  One strategy that work wonders for me.

How about you?  What is  your favorite men’s wear?  Does your man allow you to wear their clothes?












22 thoughts on “Men’s WEAR spells sexy!!!!”

  1. Very cute! My boyfriend and I are a similar size. So if I attempted to wear his clothes- it would just look like I am wearing mens clothing. LOL
    I do love boyfriend blazers. I have yet to try boyfriend jeans or crops. I might try them next spring/summer! 🙂

    1. hehehehe!!!!! aww trousers are the best…but he is not much of a trousers person…hahahaha his jeans are bigger than mine so its really hard to borrow them

  2. looks good on you te! :)i and your shorts!holy cow! sexaaaay! 😀 when im in my hubs place.his mom always prepare my clothes. but id rather wear his shhirts! 😀

  3. lucky, lucky you! men’s wear looks sexy on you. if i wear le boyf’s clothes it would look like a dress on me LOL. I’ll send you an email tonight Sweet 🙂

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