cyberbullying? are you a victim?

With the instant rise of the social media around us from Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Tumblr, Plurk, YouTube and etc.  this craze has become a wide spread addiction for most of us.  Some of us finds it entertaining that we can have fun and meet wonderful people but they are just so some who goes beyond the limit.

Bullying has been going on for ages this does not only occur in Western and European countries but this has developed in Asian countries too.  Being bullied around is hard and it can cause a traumatic effect on a person’s life.  It is either you take it positively or negatively but sad to say most of the victims takes it negatively and loose their self-identity and confidence.

I just want to smack the faces of those bullies before, how much I condemn them for calling me names and judging one person without knowing me.  Lucky for me, I took it in a positive note and proved that I was not the one they  want me to be.  But deep inside me, is a ranging emotion of revenge to make them suffer but never did I  put a single action to it.  Bullying does not only happen in real life but now it has gone to the extreme levels, with the rise of social networking sites, it spreads like a speed of light and that’s when cyberbullying became the biggest social problem.

When did Cyberbullying started?  I am not so sure but the hardest part is you are being harassed by an anonymous person.  That is the most difficult thing, posting photos of you in forums, social networking sites, spreading things that are not true. With the access of the internet it has been very easy for people to pick on other person without getting caught.  Sending nasty emails of hate and threats, hate comments and discriminating lines.  Foul languages and worst is putting your face in a dating site for pornographic people.

Recently I just read a post from a certain site about a blogger being named as a fraud, I am not so sure if this story is true or not but I know the persons involve, because they are popular in my country.  I read most of the post and hate comments and then a twitter war started which was being interpreted by another site and it goes on and on.  Names were dropped like a bomb and histories of friendships were destroyed.  Secrets were revealed and in a blink of an eye it destroyed a lot of relationships and  dignity.  I am not siding who is correct or not but I have my point and view in this war, who started this incident? who became the first cyberbully?  That I do not know.

Even though some of these bloggers were brave to broadcast the world what their opinions and facts are, there are some who is coward enough to put a very humiliating page.  I just received a link in my facebook page about a local student who has been accused of a certain disease and was named a lot of bad names.  It spread like a virus.  I felt sorry for the girl because her face and name were put in front of the page, that is just not the correct thing to do.  (If you have the heart for her can you please help me stop this page and report it as abuse.)

Whatever is her lifestyle and her problems are, it is still wrong to make a page for her.  I am not defending her because I know her but I am a woman and I know how it is so degrading for us to be in her situation.  If you could only feel the humiliation and how people will look at you.  That is such a complete nightmare.  Several cyberbullying incidents made it to the top headlines of newspapers, suicides in result of cyberbullying, psychological depression because the fear of being talked about everyone.  And threats that should be stopped.

I myself is a victim of cyberbullying and I know it will never stop.  It is easy to write comments, make pages and pass your photos around.  But the truth is I am glad that I have an army of people and friends who knows me well and ready to stop those nasty pages around.

Hope we should always keep in mind that even though you enjoy the habit of cyberbullying because you think that you are a God and can do whatever you want?  Then sad to say you are not, this just makes you a sore loser.  Why?  Because in the first place you do not have a life, all you do is stalk people’s social pages and hate them every day.  That does not make you a better person than any one of us.  That makes you even worst, you are trapped with in the confines of your insecurities in life and you take the pleasure of bullying someone because of your personal problems and that I pity you more.  They do not only need attention and medical care but they also need the guidance and rehabilitation.

We do not judge, we keep things fair and we are all humans that is why WE FORGIVE!

Let us all stand against cyberbullies and pray for their souls to find their inner peace and self-respect.



17 Comments Add yours

  1. hazel dela victoria says:

    im one of the victim of cyberbullying 😦

    1. Sweet says:

      aww that is terrible….

  2. Heidi Foner says:

    I have never actually been a victim of cyberbullying. But I was teased in High School 😦

    Bullying should never happen! It is sad that those young girls and boys had to take their lives because someone thought they were different. Shame on them!

    1. Sweet says:

      that is so sad…shame on the bullies boo!!!!

  3. paige says:

    I don’t remember that I was a victim to this kind of situation. But it should be stop because no one deserves to be treated like this.

    1. Sweet says:

      yes it should be stopped

  4. MelRod says:

    I was a victim in elementary and middle school. It’s the worst feeling. It’s such a tragedy what is going on these days. Khloe Kardashian has a video on her blog talking about how Perez Hilton is her bully.

    I hope we put an end to all of this.


    1. Sweet says:

      fingers crossed…

  5. Leia says:

    Bullying is horrible! No one deserves it and I can’t imagine what drives people to hurt others!

    1. Sweet says:

      yes that is really sad love

  6. Che says:

    So sad to hear about this. I don´t know why some people are so mean to others. Must be because they´re envious or what. I agree with you, Sweet. This should be stopped.

    1. Sweet says:

      yes..they are such losers

  7. This has happened to me a few times sadly! I guess when you put yourself out there, you expose yourself to a lot of good AND mean people alike. It’s normal, but you can just choose to ignore all the mean people out there. Don’t let them bring you down 🙂

    1. Sweet says:

      yes…you should actually take it in a positive note..hehhehe that is really a great idea love

  8. thanks sweet! 🙂 i reported the page already but till now facebook did not suspend the page. 😦

    1. Sweet says:

      aww…that’s bad 😦

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