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With fairer skin, what can you do 50x more?

Growing up I never took chance of taking good care of my skin.  My only skin regimen is washing my face with water.  With the different changes in my body, I began to suffer the bad effects of baby powder, sleeping with your make-up on, oily face, black heads, white heads, acne and yes, big circles under my eyes.  I’ve always thought that getting dark circles is an asset not until I realized I look like a person who has  stress related disease.

When I was in college I started experimenting on creams, moisturizers and facial wash but none of them really worked for me.  When I got my first job I had to get my first facial at a very expensive dermatologist but after 2 months I am getting the same problem.

Not until late 2007 my aunt gave me a dozen of L’Oreal products.  From Lipstick, eyeliner, hair products and yes to their skin care products.  I used it until I finished all the gift my aunt gave me but when my mom noticed something different in my complexion, I had to check it myself.

As you all know, I am always a victim of sun-kissed skin, as a girl who loves the beach I usually do not put sunscreen that is why I was impress about L’Oreal’s skin care product.  I religiously applied it until now.

And with the breakthrough of their newest white perfect transparency rosy whitening  cream.

This I can say with fairer skin, I can be 50x hardworking and amiable as I am today. I can reach my dreams and goals 50x more.

Thanks to L’Oreal’s white perfect cream.

I can be 50x kissable.


I can have 50x determination and patience in teaching.

I can be 50x more creative in taking photos.

I can be 50x more stylish, edgy and outgoing in my blog together with the rest of all bloggers in the world.

And yes, with fairer skin, I can be 50x sweeter, lovelier and happier with my life.

So to my dear readers, friends and bloggers.

How about you?  What do you want 50x MORE with fairer skin?



73 thoughts on “With fairer skin, what can you do 50x more?”

  1. And yes, with fairer skin, I can be 50x sweeter, lovelier and happier with my life.

    i use l’oreal too but pure zone for my oily face and l’oreal whitening milk make-up remover….

    love them soo much!!xoxo

  2. so glad you found a skin regimen that works for you darling! it’s definitely so important. i think your skin looks fab in all the pics you post so it must be working. =)

  3. Wow! No wonder you have beautiful skin despite all the pressures from you job, your personal life and everything. Loreal products are really effective. I’m a fan of them too… 😀

  4. I agree. Your skin looks fab in your photos. I love it. And it doesn’t look fake. It has this natural glow.
    My sister’s a L’Oreal fan, too. I know their products really work 😀

  5. You and I share a similar story! I had really bad skin in High School (acne 😦 ) and I tried Loreal my first year of college. I think it was their three step system for Acne and It totally improved my skin! I know use a combined system from Olay and it really helps keep my skin from getting back to the way it use to be. I will have to check this out- do you know if they sell it in the US? I am sure they do since it is a global brand. Thanks for the review! 🙂

  6. I would never use a fairness cream! I prefer to be as brown as possible. When I see the sun I run towards it and soak it up! 😛 I look much better when I’m tan.

  7. the same for me!! I decided next summer I will start to use sunscreen. I’ve a too delicate and white skin, actually I never get really tan…I’m always a bit red! and in winter wind definitely kills my skin! I should try this L’oreal cream 🙂

  8. Your skin looks perfect to me & am glad you found a skin product that really works wonder to your skin. For the last 10 years i’ve been using clinique products but I am thinking of changing to something more appropriate to my age and skin needs. Any suggestion?

  9. Mine is Neutrogena. I still have to try L´oreal though because they don´t sell Neutogena with SPF 50 here. Aha, so ýour beauty secret has finally come out. 😉

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