Shopbop and Leigh Viner is LOVE


I woke up today with a great news on my twitter mentions and email.  First and foremost, I would like to thank Leigh from CREATE.  I just won my third giveaway and I was just so thrilled to know that it is a gift card from Shopbop.  Before I entered the contest I went to their site and saved the items I wish to buy if ever I will win the card and since it is all coming true very soon.  I am actually having a hard time deciding.  Best thing is, I can shop with the gift card plus extra shopping money from my savings so spending more is fun.

Here are the list of the dress  and shoes that I have chosen.  Which do you think is hot, nice and a great buy?



BB Dakota Orion Dress, $ 37.50


BB Dakota Jora Dress, $30.00


Evil Twin Vices and Virtues Long Dress,  $58.00


Jeffrey Campbell Full Oxford Wedges, $ 98.00

Jeffrey Campbell Thanks Wedge Booties, $ 80.00



Hope when I get the gift card the items are still available.  This is such a wonderful thing, an early birthday gift for me.  Oh wishful thinking.

Thank you so much Leigh.





17 Comments Add yours

  1. Jen says:

    How exciting! Congrats dear! I really like the blue dress best.

    1. Sweet says:

      ahahh you have the same tastes as my hub heheheh

  2. chichichic says:

    love BB Dakota… my fave new brand!

    1. Sweet says:

      thanks for the info can’t wait to buy these items hahahha!

  3. Heidi Foner says:

    I really like the first one the best! You would look fantastic in it! Plus your to be husband would love it 😉

    1. Sweet says:

      ahh…I need to tuck my belly fats first hahahah but thanks hehehe…aww now i am confuse!

  4. damnvixen says:

    i agree with heidi the first dress is faboosh.. booties look nice.. but painful i bet ahhhaha

    1. Sweet says:

      yes I thought of that my dear…the corset dress was sold out right before i posted this…So I hope these items are still available soon

  5. thanku so much for commenting on my blog!

    this look is amazing! lov the light blue dress 🙂

    keep in touch.xx

  6. Casee Marie says:

    Congrats, dear! I love the first dress and those amazing wedge booties! Everything you picked is wonderful. (:

    1. Sweet says:

      thanks Casee dear…oh hope they doesn’t sold out that fast 😦

  7. Marta says:

    these dresses are fabulous!

    1. Sweet says:

      thanks love…yes I am dying to buy them

  8. lizzy says:

    hmmmm love the bb dakota jora dress

  9. paoloberdin says:

    my vote goes to the… blue dress! haha congratulations 🙂

    1. Sweet says:

      heheehe!!! yes thank you i like the blue dress too!!!

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