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Who said I can’t rock polka dots?



For the third day of Elle Fashion Week, I decided to wear something out of my league.  Well the hub picked this outfit for me and I was just secretly embarrassed because of the attention I am getting.  Is it New Years Day already?  Or is someone celebrating his/her birthday that I have to dress up like a clown but then again the hub did not fail me.  The polka dot design on the romper was attracting a lot of people while I was at the mall  but after 3 hours of walking I began to love my outfit, not only it is extra ordinary, I felt sexy in it.  Except for the fact that I have troubles when I need to pee.  I matched it up with my new pumps and my black quilted bag from Nena, brought a knitted cardigan because it was absolutely freezing that day.  And walked as if I was a superstar.




outfit for the third day of Elle Fashion Week

romper: bangkok

shoes: ram road

earrings: Forever21

bag: Nena

ring: Forever21

ring: bangkok

cardigan: cebu

belt: bangkok




I must say the hub is really good in finding the perfect outfit for me and he usually gets the designs that I do not get attracted to.










27 thoughts on “Who said I can’t rock polka dots?”

  1. Your husband made a great choice! I love prints especially polka dots and stripes! I think you look wonderful. Definitely one of my favorite outfits you’ve posted.

  2. I love your romper! You were obviously drawing attention because you looked so GORGEOUS. 😉 Also I’m crazy about your bag. I’ve been wanting one of those lately, that sort of quilted leather look. Divine!

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