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Zenithorial for Elle Fashion Week


Thanks to Ms. C of Chuvaness I was introduced properly to this brand.  I was excited because the designs that were featured before were minimalists mostly it pertains to the colors of Black, White and Grey.  Some were even inner garments for men which made the show a little bit hotter than you ever think of.  Adisak the designer for Zenithorial has long been inspired to the British style of tailoring.  With sharp lines and the mixture of prints plus the uneven cuts you can describe his designs as simple but cool.

It reflects the concept of Fusion Tailoring, the style of Zenith tailoring with the unique choices of materials made from France cotton linen and Italian silk.  The collection for this Fashion Week depicts the masculinity and feminity styles with a tasty twist of British tailoring techniques.

I decided to separate the posts for this one.  Here are my favorite ready to wear pieces.  I love the headpiece that they wore through out the show.  The rest of the photos will be featured on my next post.  Trust me, it does not belong in this post, it is the daring side of Zenithorial.  Photo credits to ThaiCatWalk.





















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