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Elle Fashion Week: Hook’s by Prapakas

If I dropped my jaw over the Zenithorial fashion show because of the gorgeous looking models, then I think my heart stopped when I saw these uniquely designed collections.  It was the most outstanding and creative show that day.  Zenithorial became my second favorite because this stepped in to the competition.  Think about Alexander McQueen and his extra ordinary works in fashion. Prapakas is not channeling McQueen in his creation but he sure does know how to follow trends yet break the rules to make an outstanding collection.

After his absence in the Fashion Industry he made a comeback and awed the crow with his ultimate fashion identity, his own inspirations in making the most various pieces of clothing from his favorite designers.  I wonder if McQueen is one of them?  His designs merely depicts the outstanding reflection of a beautiful image of a woman in a Captain Hooks ship.  I am not so familiar with it, but while I was watching the show I just can’t help but stare at the unique composition of his designs.  I would love to be his fashion muse someday, it is so intricate and mystifying.












and did I mention, I saved the best for LAST!!!!










How was your weekend?





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bobbi brown thailand


11 thoughts on “Elle Fashion Week: Hook’s by Prapakas”

  1. wow, i really see the touches of inspiration of McQueen.. my favorite has to be the gown with the huge bow!

    p.s we’re staying at The Heritage Baan Silom pala, we can have drinks there, the hotel looks nice. Or if u want, we could meet over at Moon Bar, Banyan Tree. Looking forward to seeing you!

  2. I think Alexander McQueen has to be one who has inspired this collection. There are a few of these dresses I would absolutely be thrilled to have in my closet.

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