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sometimes you just need a lot of patience!!!!

I have been loathing myself in buying the newest shoes and necklaces, I am actually tempted to purchase online but I do not want to be on a shopping ban again.  Even though the hub has been kind enough to give me what I want lately.  From foods, shoes, ice creams, chocolates and etc.

I have been looking for the perfect necklace that I have been seeing from other blog sites.  Gizelle has a wide variety of necklaces but sometimes I get so weird and wouldn’t buy the necklace right there and then.  Ramkhamahaeng road has gave me many chances to buy those necklaces but sad to say, I just cannot bear the fact in purchasing them because at the back of my mind there is something cheaper like this and I know where to find then, it is just I am lazy to go there.

So when I had the chance to visit Chinatown I didn’t think twice and rummage all the stores that I could possibly find.  Until finally the quest is over, I saw the necklaces that I have been looking for.  I guess it takes a lot of patience and a long prayer to finally find a great treasure.  Now I have four additional necklaces in my collection and I wouldn’t mind going back and doing the same thing again.  Now if only I can let my lazy butt go window shopping around Ramkhamhaeng to find those  pumps and oxford shoes.




the camera necklace cost 25 baht (below $1)

owl necklae oh dear!!! 35 baht ( $1)

paris necklace 20 baht ( below $1)

black owl 25 baht (below$1)

sorry for the quality of the image.



and who would not love these new rings.

the BAD gold ring – 25 baht (below $1)

owl ring 15 baht (below $1)




Forever21 giveaway!!!!






22 thoughts on “sometimes you just need a lot of patience!!!!”

  1. Oooh, definitely email me the collage if you do one over the weekend. Oh! I should get some of my followers to do a collage each on what they think is important on fashion and i’ll post them all and promote their blogs… hehehe. My brains having a fast moment.

    thanks for inspiring me ;);)

    and i will enter your giveaway 🙂


  2. Yup, it really takes a lot of patience and willpower to look for the things that you really like before buying. Until now, I´m still won´t buy an owl necklace but when I´m seeing yours right now, I´m kinda having second thoughts. hahaha!

  3. haha how i wish it wouldnt kill a fortune to go there! i might not gonna come back here! haha imagiiiine you only bought thaat for less than a hundred. me envyyyyy :C

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