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Guess who got featured on TV?

I just heard the news today from my friend Guada.  She told me that she was watching RCTV Cebu, a local TV station in Cebu where they usually feature Cebu’s events and the latest happenings all over town.

It was not my first time to get featured on TV at all, hence my TV experience has molded me into becoming a small star in the lingering circle of my family.  My number one fan is my dear cousin who always recorded all of my TV stints on another local TV show in Cebu.  I got featured on TV for a lot of times already making it a short shot to fame.  But recently Guada told me that she saw my picture being presented for the exhibit of  Island Souvenir I ♥ Cebu Exhibit which will be held at Ayala Center Cebu on October 8, 9 and 10.

Oh well, if ever my face is being exhibited in Ayala please drop by and take a photo together with my portrait and take a solo photo of my face too.  I know I am so vain and a narcissist, that I love everything that has my name and face on it.  But pretty please, if you can submit a photo to my email (, bearing yourself or a group together with my portrait and a solo photo of my portrait I might give you a FREE pizza from Leonardo’s Road Pizza or a 300 prepaid load from GLOBE.  So do we have a deal here?

To Guada, sorry my dear since you are part of  Leonardo’s you cannot participate in this deal, but do take a shot of my portrait if I am part of the exhibit hahahaha! Love you…


And I think this is the photo being featured.










31 thoughts on “Guess who got featured on TV?”

  1. congratulations! i’ve been in the news once but I was only in the background and I was just a small portion together with my coworkers, still I was happy.

    You deserve to be on TV, you’re a star!

  2. Oh ! congratulations!! i hope somebody will take a picture of your portrait and send it to you! I would lovet to see it!!
    again CONGRATS! you are gourgeus 🙂

  3. I read this post this morning before I got to work but didn’t have time to comment. Anyway, I really think this is a very cool photo of you. You’re pretty. And yes, I love Cebu too, my mom’s origin. 🙂

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