Favorite Blog Award: Emilie

A supreme deity that can launch a thousand folds of beauty and fashion luck to every woman who is wanting to get inspired by a person who possesses the real talent, wits and charm plus an undeniable, perfect and I believe one of the most beautiful faces in the blogosphere world.

A daughter of a Japanese mother and  Danish father,  we wouldn’t question where she inherited her goddess like beauty at all.  Her silky smooth golden tan locks, her height, amazing body and her sun kissed skin that every woman is dreaming of.  Her talents does not only revolves in fashion.  Most of you doesn’t know that she was born with a heart and soul for music.  She was a singer and songwriter before she became a blogger.  I would love to hear one of her songs because with her precious image I know there is a sweet sounding soul siren hidden in those remarkable outfit photos.

She has maintained a top niche in the world wide web, where she created a community to gather all the lovely bloggers around the globe to interact, meet, exchange ideas and be friends.  She has featured and discovered a lot of amazing bloggers who are not only fashionable, smart and talented but also a real person living her dream and opening her life in her own site.  She has given us a lot of opportunities to enhance more our skills as a blogger and that I have to say, for the past one year that I have been blogging, I have eventually grew with her and the community.  My blog became matured enough to understand the things that is related with fashion, photography, life, travel and your real passion.

She has taught me a  a lot of things about blogging and because of her I was able to practice and hone my skills in writing a good piece about beauty and style.  I was never a good preacher before but she made things possible.

Let us all hail the Queen of Delance Fashion Community, I am talking about no other than,  the goddess herself, the multi-talented blogger Emilie of DelanceFashion.  We are all lucky that Emilie has opened her own site that talks about fashion, music and lifestyle.  She has opened her wardrobe for us to see her latest finds in vintage dresses, animal printed clothes, gorgeous shoes and the best among the accessories in the trends list.  She has updated us with loads of discounts and premium items not only in the community but from her blog as well.  We have been spoiled completely by Emilie.  With her special talent in music and spontaneity with fashion, she really deserves to be part of my Favorite Blog Award.

Congratulations to Emilie Delance and thank you for gracing this interview.  You have been a great inspiration not only for me but for the hundreds of girls who are part of the Delance Fashion Community.

Sweet:  Can you briefly tell us about yourself?
Emilie :  I was born in Denmark on a winter day, by a japanese mother and a danish father. I have two younger sisters.
Music was my first love, I started writing my own music when I was about 12 years old, and now I have my own music studio downtown Copenhagen. My father is in the music business and he sings too, so maybe I inherited it from him ;).

Sweet:  How long have you been blogging?
Emilie: I started blogging the summer of 2009. After seeing and being inspired from a lot of gorgeous bloggers out there. I thought it would be fun to start my own,  and hopefully give some inspiration back.
Sweet:  If you had to describe your blog in less than 20 words how would describe it?
Emilie: You’ll get a look into my wardrobe and life, colourful and bubbly 🙂

Sweet:  Is this a full time job?
Emilie: Besides working on my own music, I sing in various groups and also perform at different events. Fashion is however also a big passion of mine, and after I started blogging and founded the Delance Fashion Community, it’s occupying an increasing deal of my professional life, and in the future I expect it will be at least a part time occupation.

Sweet:  In what category can you qualify your blog?

Emilie: I blog about my outfits, what I’ve spotted, DIY’s, shopping, so I would say it’s a fashion blog, plus stuff from everyday life as well.

Sweet:  In what category can you qualify your blog?
Emilie: I blog about my outfits, what I’ve spotted, DIY’s, shopping, so I would say it’s a fashion blog, plus stuff from everyday life as well.
Sweet:  What are some of your goals this year for your blog?

Emilie: I love that blogging is a place where you can express your own personal style and thoughts. Getting comments and responses from people out there is so exciting and fun. I’ve  “meet” so many cool people through blogging, it has really enriched my creative field and outlook on fashion. So I’m hoping to get even more inspired and hopefully contribute to others getting inspired too.

Sweet:  Where do you find inspiration for you outfit post?
Emilie:  I get much inspiration from blogs, I love to see how other fashionistas put their clothes together. Also get much inspiration from music videos, friends, magazines and people on the street.
Sweet:  How does your workplace look like?
Emilie:  Haha it’s quite messy :). When I work, I’m all over the place, coffee mugs, papers, you name it.
Sweet:  What advice would you give to new bloggers wanting to start their own blogs?
Emilie:  You have to be passionate about what you write about. It is impossible to keep a blog running, if you do not have a genuine interest in this matter. You should blog because you want to and not for the sake of others. Clothes are a matter of style and personality. Let your personality shine through. It’s not about buying a lot of clothes, it’s about showing how to be creative and inspiring to others.
Interesting Facts about Emilie

Name: Emilie Delance
Age: 28
Favorite Music: R’nB, Soul, Jazz.
Favorite Brand: Billie Holiday, Anthony Hamilton, The Dream, Donny Hathaway and many more!
Favorite Food: I love all kinds of food! Indian, Greek, Japanse, Thai, Spanish. I love when my mom makes Japanse dishes, like; Gyoza, spring rools and sushi.
Favorite Design Tool: I love my old sewing machine! I’ve made tons of stuff on it.
Favorite Website: Uh that’s hard, I have so many faves 😉 I use Bloglovin’ to follow all the blogs I read. I also check glamour.se, elleuk.com and deviantart.com often.
Favorite Style Icon: I don’t have anyone in particular as style icon. If I have to name one, it would be the jazz singer Billie Holiday, she was so beautiful in long dresses and flowers in her hair. I have a large poster of her hanging in my music studio.
Favorite Designer: I love the late Alexander McQueens dramatic clothes, Roberto Cavalli animal prints and Chanel’s classics.
You may check our her personal site now DelanceFashion and to interact with the best bloggers all over the world, you can sign up at Delance Fashion Community and it is for FREE.
Have a great week everyone!!!



  1. Cheryl · October 6, 2010

    Emilie is great. I just featured her on my site too. and I love that she created Delance Fashion. so great to learn more about her!


    • Sweet · October 7, 2010

      she is really something 😀

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  4. shugah · October 7, 2010

    wow shes a goddess! 🙂 she really looks goood in long dresses~! 😀

    • Sweet · October 7, 2010

      I know…she is so stunning!

  5. Dredd · October 7, 2010

    Hon är jättevacker och stilig! You did a sweet flow of conversation.

    • Sweet · October 7, 2010

      thanks Dredd…:D I was a bit nervous because its Emilie 😀

  6. Amanda · October 7, 2010

    wow!! amazing shopping day!!


    • Sweet · October 7, 2010

      thank you so much gorgeous

  7. cherie · October 7, 2010

    she looks absolutely gorgeous! totally deserves the blog award. great feature!

    • Sweet · October 7, 2010

      yes she really deserves the award 😀

  8. Audrey Allure · October 7, 2010

    She’s beautiful, love her style!

    • Sweet · October 7, 2010

      yes she has the most prettiest face ever and her style is just wonderful

  9. Napua · October 10, 2010

    LOVE this sneak peek into emilie’s life… great incite!

    • Sweet · October 10, 2010

      thanks love…yes its fun….

  10. Fashion Today · October 14, 2010

    Thank for the review on Emilie’s blog… I just checked out her blog and love her style!

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