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Quilted, Jelly and Sunsets

Sorry for not updating daily I am really busy this month, it is almost the end of the first semester and loads of retest plus final exams that needs to be checked all at once is a big headache.  A lot of assessment and evaluation for students but there is one thing that is keeping me all solid and strong.  Just this week I was doing a mock test for my students and saw a great improvement from the tardy ones. The handwriting improved, they were able to speak in English little by little and of course they pay attention now compared to the first few months since I started teaching in this school.  It is such a great honor for me to know that my students are improving, I am like a proud momma!

I guess everyone knows that I was such a spoiled brat recently, ever since the shopping ban I had to asked the hub to buy stuff for me if he thinks it is nice.  I haven’t gone shopping lately but last Sunday we dropped by at the Mall and saw these jelly flats from Monobo. It was tested for a week of usage and all I say is that it still remains a perfect 10. No blisters on my feet and I can actually run like a superwoman.  It was also convenient for me since it has been raining in Thailand, it is not even slippery when wet.  Walking on the road with this jelly flats on are just the most comfortable footwear ever.  So I say goodbye to my flip flops for now.

got the JULIE Monobo flats all I can say is PERFECT!!!!

Another thing he bought for me was this quilted bag, my old quilted bag was bargained with my cousin’s decision of giving me the Roberto Cavalli bag from my aunt’s garage sale.  So when I saw this new collection from Nena, I had to grab it and tagged myself with it.  It came with white and black, but black is the safest color since I already have a chain bag in white.

self-timer photos of ME.  I did not even bother to dress up because I was so tired from work but promise I am going to make it up to you with loads of outfit posts on my semester break 😀

This week has been such a hectic one for me but I am still thankful for all the blessings lately and guess what?  I signed up for a free issue of digital magazines from Cosmopolitan a month ago, thinking that it was just a hoax but just yesterday I received a digital copy of my Cosmopolitan Magazine for this October. What a great way to start reading in advance.  Now I need to find that site again to get a Vogue subscription for FREE. Yes I got this subscription for a year starting October 2010-2011 for FREE, I still have to checked out my bookmarks for the site, I know I have saved it somewhere.

Tomorrow is a Saturday and I can’t wait to do the photo shoot that the hub and I will be doing.  I have loads of creative inputs and I cannot wait to just let it all out.  Still saving all the names for my Giveaway next week, so you better watch out for it.

sample screenshots of the October issue of my digital Cosmopolitan magazine.

For now I would love to ask for your help again in letting me win another contest.  Just click on this link \”My Sloggi Summer Photo Entry\” and click the thumbs up sign to vote for me. The best part is you can bookmark the page and vote for me daily.  Make it  your daily habit and let me win this contest again. Trying my luck for the second time around.  Fingers crossed.  You may click on the photo directly to VOTE. Thank you in advance, have a nice weekend everyone! x0x0x



17 thoughts on “Quilted, Jelly and Sunsets”

  1. Congrats, Sweet!!!

    You really deserved the win and the invite too! The photo had so much character and I was really sure that it would win. 🙂

  2. Oh boy do I understand what you mean about being super busy!! Its been hard to find time to shower this week, nevermind to blog!! OK, that might be a bit of an exaggeration. I love the shoes, and I must say that hubby of yours has some good taste!

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