It’s my TIME!

I activated my Benetton profile last March, two days after the It’s my TIME competition was about to close.  I just opened the account because I was supporting KIKO the model from the Philippines who made it to the top 20.  I uploaded my best photos and miraculously I got the best comments and votes for just two days and I was happy about it.  It satisfied my TIME for just two days and believe me I had fun.  But just last Thursday I received an email from them that they are casting again so I activated my profile and updated my photos.  You can check out my Benetton profile by clicking the photo below.  I am not dreaming of being casted as one of the models for Benetton but we may never know.  Hahahaha!

I just got hooked with Pretty Little Liars last night, I am now finish with the first season and I am stuck with all the mystery and the story as well.  I cannot wait for the second season to start.  Who was your bet to be A?  So many clues and guesses in my mind too.

Right now I am spending the weekend finishing the 6th season of Grey’s Anatomy.  GA has been a big favorite series of mine that is one of my great frustration, wearing a scrub suit but not touching blood or seeing any real blood at all.   As you can see, I also deleted some of my blog links that are no longer updating.  I also updated my site having a page for my Favorite Blog Award feature and a Feature page for specific exposure from other blog and sites.  Slowly I will be making changes also in my site, I am still trying my best to finish the mapping from my registered domain to wordpress.   There are still errors and my brother is still busy with his client so I am putting it on hold first.  Today was just a very lazy and relaxed day, just the perfect day for me, no pressures and stress at all.  How are you doing for Fashion Night Out everyone?  I hope you are having the best time of your lives.

purple top-Kamiseta, blue belt-thrifted, white shorts-LEVIS, brown bag-Nena, earrings-F21, black beaded bracelet-a gift, ring-F21 and thrifted



  1. naiano · September 11, 2010

    love your blog! would you follow mine ?

    • Sweet · September 11, 2010

      will check your blog my dear…thanks for visiting…

  2. Michelle @ Glisters & Blisters . · September 11, 2010

    love the top and bag 🙂

    glistersandblisters dot com

    • Sweet · September 11, 2010

      thanks Michelle…

  3. Sharon · September 11, 2010

    Good luck with the Benetton model search. Like you said you never know.
    I don’t watch either of those shows.
    Hopefully, you get you blog looking how you want it to look soon.

    • Sweet · September 12, 2010

      thanks hun….:D thanks for the visit

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  5. Lexy · September 11, 2010

    WOW GIRL. I love the print of that shirt! It’s so SHBAM. Which I LOVE.

    And I’ve never seen Pretty Little Liars, but it is EVERYWHERE. I guess it’d be worth checking it out, eh? OKAY WILL DO.
    P.S. Yes, I got the giveaway email! Thanks girl!

    • Sweet · September 12, 2010

      aww that is great Lexy…good thing you got the email.. 😀 kisses

  6. Cheryl · September 11, 2010

    Sweet, love your top! Oh, I missed Kamiseta too much!

    • Sweet · September 12, 2010

      yes…they have nice tops too

  7. Cheryl · September 11, 2010

    I mean so much. hahaha!

  8. Lisa · September 11, 2010

    That top is sweeeeeet! =)

    Off The Wardrobe

    • Sweet · September 12, 2010

      thanks love…:D I love it too…

  9. Rachel @ a la Modest · September 12, 2010

    Awesome! I am always ready to vote on your stuff 🙂

    • Sweet · September 12, 2010

      thanks Rachel…kisses 😀

  10. dredd · September 12, 2010

    Goodluck with everything Sweetie!


  11. Audrey Allure · September 12, 2010

    I’m hooked in Pretty Little Liars too – my guess is probably the ex/boyfriend of Spencer’s sister that came back and was also in the video with Allison.

    • Sweet · September 12, 2010

      oh Ian??? but he died when I checked on the book summary!!!!

  12. Cheryl · September 12, 2010

    i wish i watched either of those shows so i could comment on them, but i don’t.

    anyway, i’ve been having some blog issues too–stupid errors! you do look super great in that pretty top Sweet!

    • Sweet · September 12, 2010

      Thanks love 😀 you should watch pretty little liars…such a great show!

  13. Melai · September 13, 2010

    Saw your Bprofile and yes, lovely pictures sweet 🙂 OMG I missed watching so many series, right now i’m hooked on to drop dead diva, trueblood and modern family 🙂

    Melai of Style and Soul

    • Sweet · September 13, 2010

      drop dead diva??? that is new…will check that out Melai hahaha thanks for dropping by!

  14. Miche · September 17, 2010

    Wow, you really look lovely in that outfit! Inspiration!!!

    • Sweet · September 18, 2010

      thanks love 😀 whehehhe

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