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all the great NEWS!!!!

photos from Chinatown

Finally finished my blog visits today, unfortunately I was not able to finish it last night since my eyes seems to give up when I was half way through my list.  Is this the pay back time when you no longer sit in front of your laptop for a long period of time or signs of aging?  Oh dear please don’t!!!

I have so many news for you that I just cannot stop from just posting in one post.  So let me start with this beautiful photo of Lyka from crazy/beautiful. She look stunning and gorgeous right?  She is wearing the giveaway price she won from my first year giveaway blog.  It took me a couple of days to realize what she was wearing!!!!  Isn’t she gorgeous in those leopard top?

What she wore:

top leopard print – a giveaway from Sweet of pensandlens

cardigan – bugis, singapore

bottom skirt – thrifted

belt – genevieve gozum

black shoes – leaveland

ray ban – a gift from a friend

camera ring – a giveaway from Sweet of pensandlens

vintage ring – a giveaway from Lee of spunkandglam

Another exciting news that surprised me and I am so thrilled to share this to all of you is that one of my favorite blog awardee: Eden of Chic in the Tropics just released her other blog which became an instant hit.  My Celebrity Stylist, a site that caters the latest news and information about what is in and hot in the Fashion world.  Talking about the hit and miss in the current trend and styles with your favorite celebrities, you can also follow them on Twitter and bookmark their site to get the most updated scoops with the latest news about Fashion.  I am so proud of Eden for making this site.

a screenshot of My Celebrity Stylist site.  Go check the full site up and running by clicking on the photo.

One more thing, who would not love giveaways?  Aside from my BIG BLOG Giveaway happening after the votes has been accumulated fro my photo entry.  Leaving my voters a great chance of winning a Samsung Champ Phone if I win the contest or you may be one of the 5 lucky winners taking home 5 loot bags full of great treats and surprises.  The voting of my photo is still open until Thursday September 09, 2010. So do not forget to share and LIKE the photo.

click on the photo to bring you to the correct links on how to vote.

But then here is another great giveaway from the stylish Gizelle of Vanilla Ice Cream, one of my Favorite Blog Awardees. Here is a chance to win a fab dress and earrings just by following her and checking more of her site.  So what are you waiting for?  Check out Vanilla Ice Cream now!!!!

Click on the photo to be directed to her site NOW!!!

And one more news, aside from my Photo Entry for the Black and White Studio Contest. My other photo was also selected for the Sloggi Summer Day Photo Contest. What is great about this is that you can vote once a day.  So I am asking you my dear readers to help for my photo and make it a daily habit.  Check out my Summer Hearts:  An Island Girl entry. Click on the photo to vote.

Click on the photo to VOTE NOW!!!

Kisses everyone!!!  Watch out for my 3 part installment of my Favorite Blog Awardees.

Three gorgeous ladies that rocked the blog world!!!! Are you ready for them???



23 thoughts on “all the great NEWS!!!!”

  1. I love that photo of you in Chintown!

    Your friend looks amazing in that outfit. The leopard top is so nice!

    Thanks for letting us know about My Celebrity Stylist 🙂

    So glad you’re back!!

  2. You’re so full of sunshine, dear. Cute! Checking out all these amazing links, and I’m going to vote on your picture (which is amazing! love it) and bookmarking the page so I remember to vote every day. (:

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