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Bloggers Spotlight feature, versatile award and sports day!

BOO!!! Today I skipped work because I have a high fever.  I hate getting sick, I was a complete BUM the entire day, sleeping and sleeping and sleeping and just sleeping.  I did not do anything for the entire day but sleep.  Woke up when the hub arrived and drank another set of medicines.  Thanking Tiger Balm, for making me feel a bit better now.  Even though I hate smelling like an old lady but I have to take it just to make me feel better.

Last Friday we had our Sports Day at school and that resulted me being sick.  It was freaking hot and the dancing, plus walking was so tiring.  So I had to go home early because I was not really feeling well after taking photos I then took off.  My students won in some of the categories and because of my cheering I almost lost my voice.

I am like a proud mother for my students.  GO GREEN TEAM!!!!

GREEN TEAM with a touch of pink hahahah!

lovely muses in each TEAM with their Thai costumes.

Sunisa, one of my favorite students.

I am also so happy that I got a great response regarding my designs and that made my day a little bit better.  I was also thrilled to read my feature from Josephine’s Blog Basic Expressions here is the link, to check out my feature Blogger Spotlight: Sweet of Confessions of a Drama Queen. Thank you so much Josephine for the wonderful feature.

I got another blog award from Jen of Sprinkled Dreams, she was so nice to give me the Versatile Blogger award and that I must state 7 facts about myself and tag 7 other bloggers.


That is my second name, I got that from my two grandmothers Aurelia and Estrelita.  It was a great combination that became Aurestelle.  I would love to give that name to my future daughter too.

OC when it comes to KITCHEN STUFF

I always try to wash my glass of water or any kitchen materials if I intend to use it.  I know that it is clean already but I am not satisfied with the fact that I did not see it when it was washed by another person.


True to its fact that I am afraid of heights and I once collapsed when we rode on a magic dragon ride here in Thailand, I thought it was just like a seesaw without going up but then  it  ended up like a crazy ride.


I hate spiders, I hate all crawling insects, I hate scorpions and those ugly insects.  I always scream and ask for help if I see a spider or a cockroach around me.


Aside from my love for fashion and photography, I am also a Gadget freak, maybe it is the fact that I was born surrounded by guys, who love gadgets too.


I hate going to hospitals or seeing bloody people, I cannot even stand the sight of a crime scene or anything.   Maybe that is the reason that I can never be a nurse or a doctor.


Though I already left my childhood years after my 18th birthday, I did say goodbye to cotton candies and stuffed toys but only one person remained in my life.  That is Mr. POOH.  I have loads of collection of him, he is so cute and cuddly.

And now I am officially tagging 7 Versatile Bloggers

Josephine of Basic Expressions

Jade of Eccentricdaydream

Kerry of A little fashion romance

Isabeau of The Vixens Lair

Toni of Perfumed Red Shoes

Maria of Basta Igat Sikat!

Cherie of Parade of Dresses

Hope you had a wonderful Monday everyone!

Kisses xoxox!


29 thoughts on “Bloggers Spotlight feature, versatile award and sports day!”

  1. pictures of your students and you are great! so cheerful!
    Thai costumes are amazing!
    I’ve always heard about tiger balm but actually never bought it and so never used it…
    Congrats for your blog award
    and is always a pleasure to read your blog! 🙂

  2. Aww, I’m so sorry you’re sick! That’s no fun at all.

    I loved reading your 7 facts. Your second name is so beautiful! I am also scared of spiders, as you’ve probably read.

  3. Your students are so cute, Sweet! You look like a big Ate to them. 🙂 Congrats on the award and your 7 facts are interesting. 😉

  4. i miss the sportsfests we had back in grade school. the other guys look forward to it because they get to play basketball. i just enjoy the fact that there are no classes for those days and i have the option of going to school in jeans. to hell with basketball. haha!! get well soon, dear. 😀

  5. You and your lil kiddies look so sweet together! You should feel like a proud mama hen hehe:P

    And I think your second name is just like a fairytale name, so pretty like you, darling:)


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