McDreamy in a blue sky scrubs

I am a big fan of the hit TV Series Grey’s Anatomy, ever since Season 1 started, up until now I have been hooked with the story line and yes of course the gorgeous doctors running around Seattle Grace’s hospital.  On top of that, one of my greatest frustrations in life was to become someone who can wear lab coats or scrub sets that would represent me as a doctor of something.  When I was in  high school I even thought of taking Psychology so that I will be a Psychologist and can wear those lab coats just to show off.

But sad to say I am afraid of hospitals, bloods and everything associated with surgeries and operations. I even fainted when I just dissected a frog, so there goes my frustration.

One of the reason why I love to watch GA is because the plot is handled well, the action and drama put in one whole story is just magnificent and saving lives is such a heroic act to do.  I remembered the very famous first couples in GA.  Cristina Yang and Preston Burke when they had to fight over Preston’s favorite scrub hat, the colorful and unique one.  When Arrizona Robbins came in to the production she was more fashionable than ever, seeing her adorable designs of scrub hats became something new.

I would not even bother if I see McDreamy and McSteamy wearing surgical scrubs from Blue Sky Srubs. They do not only offer quality scrubs but when it comes to new approach of scrub sets and accesssories they give good designs and a new fashionable alternative compared to the boring and plain ones.  I would not mind Mark Sloan wearing an executive scrub hat from Blue Sky Srubs..  Since most of them love baseball they can check out other collections of scrub hats and scrub tops and pants from Blue Sky Scrubs.

They also offer cute scrub sets for kids plus their adorable lanyards that is so chic. I guess being in medicine does not only require you to wear the white boring and expected lab coats.  Since Blue Sky Scrubs has offered great designs for medical scrubs, surgical scrubs and nursing scrubs too.  This is a great accessory for all the medical professionals worldwide.  This is to redefine the style and impression of most people over the expression and sense of the old and boring medical style.

Check out their site and they offer FREE Shipping from orders $155 and above.  Check out Blue Sky Srubs.

COOL Stuff about Fashion right?



  1. sophiasa · August 25, 2010

    Those are really cute. I’m with ya there on that doctor/nurse dream – if only to wear the scrubs!
    Thank you for your incredibly sweet comments! <333

    • Sweet · August 25, 2010

      surething LOVE I am on frustrated doctor hahahahah

  2. dredd · August 25, 2010

    I love this post hahahhahah alam mo bang nag BSN ako but ended up nursing my own babies. I love the nursing uniforms and that’s it. I couldn’t even stand the smell of formaldehyde and the sights of fetus made me sick.

    Well, if all doctors ay kagaya ni Mc Dreamy and Mc Steamy….. i can reconsider of going back to nursing school…lol

    Take care Sweetie/Dredd

    • Sweet · August 25, 2010

      😀 same here…heavy talaga…McSteamy pala sya hehehe edit ko mamaya

  3. Roberta · August 25, 2010

    I’m also a big fan of Grey’s Anatomy, but also of Doctor House..!! what a nice post (as always my dear!) ..!!

    • Sweet · August 25, 2010

      😀 thank you so much love…

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  5. KC of nouveau skin · August 25, 2010

    i’m not a fan of GA nor of uniforms but i do believe that there is always a way to stand even if you need to wear something as plain as scrubs. so you can retain your individuality and personality. great post here, sweet. btw, i find the show house really entertaining. 😀

    • Sweet · August 25, 2010

      yes house too…I love it…

  6. Cheryl · August 25, 2010

    I used to watch Grey´s Anatomy but when I lived here, nawala na. Well, maybe because everything´s translated in Spanish and I find it weird hearing them talk in!

    Love their colorful caps or was that part of the scrubs?

  7. Leia · August 25, 2010

    Cute scrubs! 😛

    • Sweet · August 25, 2010

      yes leia they are really cute…love the hats

  8. Sher · August 25, 2010

    I’ve not really followed GA but I’m a big fan of House lately! And it’s a profession that’s close to my heart too because my fiancee is goin to be a doctor:)

    The scrubs are just too cute, especially the one for kids!!


    • Sweet · August 25, 2010

      yes…the kids are adorable loving the lanyard and the scrub hats hehehhehe…

  9. Jen · August 25, 2010

    They make such darling hospital wear, and they all look so comfortable too!

    • Sweet · August 25, 2010

      I know…they are so good with the designs…wish I was a doctor if I was not a teacher hahahah

  10. Kashaya · August 25, 2010

    Oh I love Greys! And those scrubs are really cute.=)

    • Sweet · August 26, 2010

      yesh love…totally cute!

  11. Napua · August 25, 2010

    I LOVE GA.. and i’ll be honest.. i totally cry!! great post, girl. keep up the good work! 🙂 and i love that you are my bloggin’ friend! 🙂

    • Sweet · August 26, 2010

      thanks dear!!!! I love GA too…and thank you for being my bloggin friend

  12. fashion games · August 28, 2010

    That great!

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