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Am I still proud to be a FILIPINO?

Last night was just a hard scene to look at, I was following the details of the news via Twitter and thought it might just end soon.   Not until when I came home and saw the trending topics on Twitter about what really happened.  I searched for online streaming of the news coverage and found thousands of media reports.  The bloodbath yesterday brought my beloved nation a big shame to the world.  All eyes are on us.  With the BLACK travel advisory from China and Hongkong, this is going to be hard.

My friend Isabeau of The Vixens Lair wrote a very inspiring piece about how we lost ourselves as a nation.  I am not pinpointing any body here, but I have my own point of views and I hope you understand that this is my recall about the incident.  I am concern about the future of our nation and in the eyes of the innocent victims and kids in my country.

took this photo from Bohol, in the eyes of a little child in their tribe.

As I reviewed all the photos of the incident yesterday, there were thousands of things running in my mind and questioning how our government and our police force dealt with it.  When everything ended in such a traumatic and sad turned of events, I was appalled and questioned myself, where was our President during those times?  Where were the big officials that should be negotiating?  And why did they permit the Media to cover the news?

As I see it, during the emergency decree here in Thailand, there was total news black out and when the riots seems to go beyond the limit and when tensions arises causing a big damage to Bangkok, I was scared. It was a week of curfew with no one on the streets except for the cops.  I felt the exact feelings of my beloved brethren during the time when Martial Law was implemented in the Philippines, I cannot sleep well because I am waiting of what will happen next. Facebook and Twitter was blocked for almost an hour because the ICT cleared all communications between the protesters and their heads. A lot of sites were blocked especially the online streaming sites for news coverage.  The only source of news was the Government Channel, no more no less.

It was totally a news black out for several days, we were only getting news from Twitter and the newspaper. But after a couple of weeks, Bangkok survived.  The Prime Minister was 24/7 on guard and reachable during those times. The police protected everyone and they did manage to go over a detailed investigation that led to the violent protest.  There were travel advisories but not as bad as what is being thrown at us right now.

A 12 hour hostage crisis in Manila ended sucking all what the Philippines have left, our Tourism industry.  And not even the beautiful 4th runner up placer Ms. Venus Raj bought the Philippines to the limelight, she was even ridiculed on Yahoo, repeatedly questioning her MAJOR answer.

I never hated Mr. Rolando Mendoza he has a point but still he did the wrong move.  I am not justifying his acts but he was not really the violent person everyone thought he was.  Now thousands of Filipinos are blaming him, putting up HATE fanpage in Facebook and airing out that it took a man to put the Philippines on shame. That I really disagree, there were so many accounts that needs to be discussed about the controversy.  I read this post about the postscripts regarding the bloodbath, I do not know if this is true or not but with the detailed story on what was going inside the bus, maybe Mr. Mendoza never meant to hurt anyone in the first place.

Now the President gave his speech after the incident happened but the question was, where was he during the 12 hour crisis?  The Hong Kong officials said that they were trying to reach the President but failed a lot of times. As far as I know they are three cabinet secretaries for communications and not anyone of them informed the President?  That is totally absurd.  I am always honest that in the first place I was not a fan him during the election campaign but since he won, I accepted it but my eyes are still on our government right now. Even if I wanted to write about his SONA it will still be useless nothing will really change.

and I still believe  in HIM.  I am still solid GREEN.

I was even impressed with this comment I saw in Yahoo Fit to Post from a person named noypanot quoting:

“Concentrating on non-ctitical ISSUES and VENGEANCE!
This the price we can get from you who had been controlling the survey’s of 63% popularity!

Its USELESS, you were nowhere to find during the CRISIS!
Where are your good cabinet members! DILG, DND, Red Cross, your spokespersons to build-up your image???
Where??? now what are you going to do!!!!

You concentrate on pety issues:
1. Collecting tax out of tax from TOLL.
2. To Tax the vendors
3. To listen t Wang2 users
4. To go with ALLEGED Arroyo Crimes

Ist this what you vision for US, Expat?
Shame on YOU! you are Commander in Chief do not pass the ball to others!

RESPONSIBLE!” posted on August 24, 2010 at 4:26 pm.

I have to slightly agree with his comment because that was my initial question during the crisis.  I never heard anything from the President and I am not blaming him at least he could have done something.  As far as I know the Prime Minister in Thailand was secured in a place somewhere in Bangkok but was very open to any concerns around him.  He had little sleep and was updating about the recent turn over in Bangkok.  That is what I call TRUE LEADERSHIP.  But for 12 hours of no word from the Commander in Chief of our country, I am starting to loose my faith in his ability to make a change and lead the nation.

I have to say, when I got into work today I just wanted to cover my face when I saw the front page of the newspaper in our office table.  The news was all about us and when Venus Raj answered her MAJOR question, all of my colleagues were asking, how come she was not able to answer it properly? I was in a situation where I wanted to disappear like a bubble.  I even heard a news here that they are now scared of the Philippine military and police officers because if they will loose their jobs, they will do something that is out of the ordinary.

After work I headed home and still hearing the news looking at the front pages over the newspapers stands and one question lingered in my mind.  Am I still proud to be a FILIPINO? my answer is YES. I am still a Filipino and I do not hate Mr. Mendoza, I partly blame the President for his absence, our Police forces and the media, even though as a Mass Communication person myself, I know that they are doing their job.  But they are making things worst even more.

my lappy still carries the Philippine flag until now.

I hope we can rise from this bad experience and hopefully we can still survive but I just do not know when because we have been in deep sea of problems for almost a decade now so when can we start to open our eyes that we are not what the whole world is thinking about us.  My main concern now are the OFW’s working in Hongkong and other parts of the world. One bad impression can last forever.  Just like what happened it to me today, I was the center of ridicule, interviews and a lot of scrutiny but I swallowed it up and still ended up saying to my colleagues, I am a Filipino and I know we can survive this, just liked you have survived the crisis in Bangkok.

Different national costumes from the Philippines (during a beauty contest in High School), I am on the right side with the Pinya gown and representing Palawan.  MAJOR sexy Pinya cloth with the fluffy sleeves.

I VOTED before going back to THAILAND.

I will continue to promote the Philippines in my blog, since I am proud to be Pinoy.  Cebu is my home and the Philippines is my country.  And in this article, I guess I have the right to air and complain since I voted last May.  So no calling names about my opinions because in the first place you all know who I voted and why? MABUHAY ang PILIPINAS but Twitter trending topic cannot help us but we should try to start the change in ourselves.

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27 thoughts on “Am I still proud to be a FILIPINO?”

  1. pnoys excuse for not letting his presence known during the crisis was he was afraid the hostage taker might get bold in making demands.. mediocrity at its best

    1. I totally agree…he did not even went live just to broadcast his opinion since he is the Commander in Chief…to think about that!!!! mostly those are the things a President would likely do in crisis like this…

  2. I’m so sorry for the pain you are feeling right now *hugs*. You are such a strong person and your big heart truly shows in this post.

  3. I was still so tired and jetlagged when I heard the news yesterday so I missed all the details. So sad indeed. It didn’t have to end that way, it could have been handled better.

  4. WOW. Thank you so much for posting this and all your thoughts. You know, I always listen to the news – but the stories and the situations all seem so distance. It’s hard to imagine it REALLY HAPPENING.

    Your post really gave some insight. Thanks gurl.

  5. There are more stories behind the published stories, that’s all I can say! We are all victims of our failing and corrupt system.

    Btw, you’re the most beautiful contestant out there with a sexy pinya cloth costume.


    1. hahahah thanks Dredd, oh well I do not believe in our system anymore…as much as possible I will believe that I am a Filipino and I will prove it to them…and promote what is good about us

  6. I heard about it hun, I am so sorry to hear about everything, my thoughts and heart are with you and everyone else. thank you for sharing your post, I know its not easy, Big hugs xxx

  7. This is a result of a corrupt system that has been going on for decades and yet the Philippines has never done anything about it at all. Hay naku, kelan kaya? I´m still very much proud to be a Filipino though.

  8. the system sucks totally, we all know. it’s so sad.

    but i still hope for a better tomorrow. i know Philippines just need to wake up and rise. Yes, one day, we will.

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