Zombie Monday

So I only had 3 hours of sleep today because I was so busy with checking my emails and responding to my soon to be sponsors.  Good thing I was able to gain enough energy to teach for four hours but trust me, when I got home checked my email, did some blog visits but after 30 minutes I crawled over to my bed and took a nap.  It was not a nap at all, I slept for another 3 hours, the hub just woke me up and told me if I was okay.  I am really okay its just I was so stressed out last week and everything just sinked in today.

And yeah, I guess you heard the news about the hostage crisis in the Philippines, so sad to hear about the lives lost and those victims who survived, this is going to be a traumatic event for us.  And sorry to hear this but Philippines got a big bang BLACK travel advisory, so much for our tourism, I wonder where was our President today?

So let us go back to our main topic. I am happy to announce my BIG Announcement to everyone but I just hate those scuttle-butt headed freaks who ask about something being unfair about it. I did a disclaimer about the situation, it is a win and loose thing.   But since I am nice to my readers, I am still making way in getting sponsors for my loot bags if it takes me half of my day emailing my friends in different bazaars and contacts with my suppliers I would definitely do that.

Good thing it rained today because it cooled off my head about these anonymous people who are stupid enough to understand the deal with the announcement.  Please read properly before reacting and bombarding my Facebook messages and comments.  I do delete YOU and block you from the event. Trust me, I can do that.  Still crab mentality sinks in with my fellow Filipino friends and colleagues. I am inviting you in free will but be nice enough to decline not by saying that this is a fraud.  Oh geezz, when did I ever gave a giveaway that was a fraud?  Hmmp…let me recall.  I only owe Sher her giveaway win since I was so busy with checking with the postal office but hopefully after this month, I can send it to her via express with an additional apology surprise.

So what is up with me aside from all the hoolah boolah with my sponsors and giveaways. I was not able to post any outfit post lately, hence I will do today hahahaha well this is not really a good outfit post.

This was taken two Saturdays ago when we did not buy enough goodies for our movie marathon, the hub was starving and I am craving for super cold Fanta with lots of ice.  So we headed off to 7-eleven despite the rain and we ended up getting soaked. Oh well, that’s what food lovers do, to die or eat? Hahahahha! So please bear with the wet hair, the bad facial expression and the whimsical smile I just need to cool it off a bit.

okay is this a whimsical smile?  Sorry for the umbrella but it did not work for the both of us.  Holding chocolates from 7-eleven.  Wearing an old black dress from Cebu, scarf to cover the cleavage area and my phone.  I was so stupid to bring my phone despite of the rain. Hahhahah!

candid, laughing and making faces shots by the hub.

One thing is that I did not know that blogging can be this hard and crazy when you deal with big people and sponsors.  I am not regretting anything but I just wish I can take a week off from work so that I can sit down and reply to all my emails and etc.  But then I will miss my students, hahahhaa!

Oh by the way, I did rock my job, haters are losers and she did not utter any single word to me at all.  And ever since last week, I got high remarks for my strategies and skills.  I told you, you cannot mess up with a person who has a great passion for her job. She cannot dismiss me right away, she is not my boss and she is just a co-teacher that behaves like my kindergarten students.  Ooopz that’s mean.

So to update you guys, aside from the new Samsung Champ phone (if I ever win the photo contest).  I will be giving out loot bags for 5 runner ups.  It was a very easy negotiation with my suppliers and friends since you all know Bangkok is the best place to bargain, but I am still having a hard time figuring out what to put inside the loot bag if a guy will win. Got so many crazy ideas from my friends but will decide soon.  So here are the expected items to be inside the bag. I already made arrangements but these are not the actual items yet.  Will take a good photo of it once the stocks will arrive.

great headpieces

the new wired headband (newest craze here in Bangkok)

fancy earrings

vintage fancy rings

a colorful wayfarer eye wear

a lovely purse handmade from Bangkok

and a vintage necklace

And I am still trying to negotiate more stuff from aroma package, make-ups and yes great eyelashes extensions.  So who loves my loot bags now? Still waiting for the shirts that are very in demand today in Bangkok and those lovely belts, so fingers crossed and help me win so that I will have more stuff in your loot bags soon.

So do not forget to check out my BIG ANNOUNCEMENT giveaway.

fingers crossed that I will get a positive response from these goodies.


eyelash extensions


aroma package

skin care products

and more…

By the way my postcard giveaway is still up and running.  Do not forget to put your entries until August 26, 2010. For questions and inquiries you may email me at sweet.veloso@gmail.com

kisses everyone!


21 Comments Add yours

  1. Jen says:

    Aww, I’m sorry you didn’t get much sleep. I know what 3 hours feels like! :/

    Again, I hope everything works out with the giveaway and I hope you win the contest!

    Your pink/white scarf is so pretty! Your comments about food made me laugh and reminded me of myself 🙂

    1. Sweet says:

      hahahaha…I know…but its okay I was able to get enough rest…now I am still wide awake…

  2. There are many natural baby and child skin care products available online. Eye Care Products

  3. dredd says:

    Sweetie, i can see that even if you’re soaking wet, it looks like you did have a fun time ;))

    taka care/Dredd

    1. Sweet says:

      heheheeh yes love…we did have fun

  4. kerry says:

    hey my lovely 🙂 wow sounds like a stressful week! ignore all the haters, they are just jealous you are right. You are such a strong, wonderful person. Cant believe you only had 3 hours sleep! no wonder you slept for three hours.. bet your lovely other half is taking care of you:) I hope things go better with your country and the sponsors.. your picture is beautiful, you have such a talent you deserve to win.
    Thinking of you 🙂 as I do really think of you as a friend, even though we have never met 🙂

    Much love!!!!


    1. Sweet says:

      aww thank you so much Kerry…you are now my soul sister online hahahah!!! you are such a darling…

  5. nym says:

    hi sweet! thank you for visiting my blog!
    i’ll follow this blog pud. 😀

    1. Sweet says:

      thanks love…you are welcome

  6. guadalyn says:

    OMG! ahahaha..:) can’t get enough with the goodies inside the loot bags..:) wish to have one of those… fingers crossed!:D

    1. Sweet says:

      hehehehe same here…:D

  7. trixie archival says:

    cool stuffs…….hhehehehe

    1. Sweet says:

      thanks trix…i know so go now spread the word…

  8. What a big list! I would love to win one of these. I don’t wear earrings, but I’ll sure be happy to receive any of the others. So much going on in your blog! I love it. Happy to hear that you have sponsors 🙂

    Yeah, it’s sad about the Philippines. Terrorists should think about the fact that they are misrepresenting their own country instead of the money or whatever they are getting out of it.

    1. Sweet says:

      yes I know super sad

  9. toni says:

    i looove Fanta! and i miss it!
    hai nakuh, love. ignore nlng those people. pro ha, such fab items! looking forward (again) to winning even just one haha 😀

    p.s. hope ul finally find the time to relax and unwind as we all are wanting to relax from all the drama our country has been experiencing. its so devastating.

    1. Sweet says:

      hehehehe!!!! super devastating grabeh…maksakit sa dughan…front page gihapon sa news ngari

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