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GREAT NEWS for my Photo Entry voters!!!

Thank you so much for the love and support for voting for my photo in Facebook.  I am still below 500 votes and I still need more votes from you guys.  Good thing a very good sponsor and friend of mine which I will be thanking in the end has decided to make a great bargain in behalf of my entry.

He saw my entry and voted for it, he also wanted it to be featured for his marketing company.  We have talked via emails and at first I was reluctant to negotiate since we all know that there are a lot of SPAM letters about inheritance or something in the web right now.  He saw my work in Facebook and was delighted since it is a perfect picture for his project.  He made further inquiries about my photos and yes I did kick some ass by presenting him my portfolio, hence the topic regarding my previous post which was my first exhibit in Cebu came out.

I never thought someone would be interested in my photos not until Mr. Right came to the scene.  Yes, I am calling him that because he wanted this to be anonymous before doing a disclaimer regarding the Photo Contest.  Why is the contest important for me?  Well there is no big price but the appreciation and for the people to see something that I have exhibited before is such a great honor already.

Black + White Studios SHOOT Yourself Photo CONTEST does not have a big reward for the contest but an oppurtunity for the photo to be known and yes exposure to media as well.  That was the main point of Mr. Right.  The price for my contest is a great honor to be included in their AD campaign and a rewarding framed picture 8 x 10 inch of photo of the AD campaign which will be a great price for the winner.

So here is the big catch,  Mr. Right wants my photo to win for him to use it.  I cannot give him full authority of the photo of course I have to bargain.  He is doing his part in promoting it in Thailand but has a problem with more votes issues.  That’s where I came in, I told him if my photo will win this contest, what do I get in return aside from the feature and giving the picture my sole name as it will be printed out. So as a businessman himself, he gave me loads of options and was pretty glad that I did bargain.

I have been trying to contact sponsors every now and then but I cannot really get the luck of having a super big deal, now that he came to the picture and he loved most of my photos, he wanted me to tell everyone the BIG NEWS!

Are you ready for it?  As you all know, I am so loving my phone because it carries my entire life with me.  Facebook, Twitter, my emails and yes I am always on mobile plus my data charges from my Telecom company has given me great data packages.  At last from sleeping at 6am in the morning today and now I am wide awake to make this post.  He has decided to give out a cool gadget that will surely surprise and will make a big buzz for my readers and my beloved voters.

I am carrying a Samsung Corby Txt phone that has been my bestfriend forever.  If only I can convert it into a laptop with a bigger screen that it would be the best gadget ever.  I also used it for recording videos that would last for 1 hour for my teaching practice and yes the 2 megapixel camera from Samsung never fail me at all.  So I have become a Samsung convert, though I would love to go black but for now Samsung has given me great delights over their new products.

So as Mr. Right as he is, he has contacted his beloved friends in the telecom business and has offered me a gadget that just came out from the market.  The newest phone from Samsung, the great Samsung Champ will be a great price for the champion of the winner.

Samsung Champ features a TouchWiz lite, Bluetooth, 1.3 mega pixel camera and an expandable memory up to 8gb.  It carries around Samsung applications and also features great social communities such as Twitter, Facebook, Picasa and Gmail.  It is good for a multimedia phone if you want music too.  As far as I know Samsung never failed me ever since I started using Corby Txt.


1.  Everyone who voted for my photo in Facebook, has already an entry for this contest.

2.  But what is great is, it does not stop only with this phone.  I will be having 5 runner ups who will get loot bags full of wonderful stuff from my upcoming sponsors.  ( I am still in negotiating with them)

3.  You can get multiple entries if you can link and help spread the word to get my photo 1,000 more votes before September 9, 2010. It has been 5 days already and I am now at 200 votes. The current LIKED  photo are getting 600+ votes. So if I can’t win this, that will be a sad news not only for YOU but for me and my blog as well.  No PHONE, No FEATURE and print out for my photos 😦 ( so you see its a WIN or LOOSE thing )

Here is the idea of it, the more links I get, the more exposure of the photo the greater chances of making it to the top list and getting more viewers for my entry.  It will be known not only locally but internationally.  Once I hit hopefully the 1,000+ or more votes or the most LIKED photo in the contest. Then I will get to be in the AD campaign additional exposure for me and for the photo too.  The phone was an added surprise, it came in just today unexpectedly but I hope you will help me out with my entry to win this contest and get my blog more exposures too.

So help me out in spreading the word and telling your friends and family about my photo and vote for it.

Here is the proper details on how to vote.

1.  You need to go first to the Black+White Studio Fanpage and click the LIKE button here is the link to make it easier (Black+White Studio Fanpage)

2.  After liking the fanpage, click this link (My Photo Entry \”Lovers of Freedom\” for you to be routed directly to my PHOTO.  See the comment section below, there is a like button.  All you have to do is LIKE it and your vote will be counted.  You will know it when the comment section will say ( You and 193 people like this)

3.  Link, re-tweet, blog, tell your friends and multiply your votes into 10 or 20 more times. I have the list of the names who already voted for my photo.

4.  To get more entries, follow my blog via Bloglovin, like my blog inFacebook Page , follow me in Network Blogs and follow me on Twitter.  Every entry counts.

5.  Every link and retweet counts too.


  • 1 entry for your name on the people who like my photo entry (its already registered in my database)
  • another entry for following my blog, in facebook, twitter and etc. ( that would count as 3-5 entries in one blog comment) POST it all in ONE blog comment.
  • next every link or URL should be put in another blog comment (leave your name and email and will check the link if it works)
  • Do not forget to leave your NAME and email in every comment post.
  • OPEN TO ALL who voted for my PHOTO!

You can have as many entries as long as you vote/like the photo.  I already have someone who will check the URL or link of the ones that you submitted to make each entry valid.  I will be deleting those persons who are not following instructions.  For questions about this message me at

Disclaimer: Mr. Right wants to remain anonymous first once the contest is finish.  If I get to win that is the time I will reveal who is the generous man who sponsored this giveaway and gave out his all out support for me to win this.


108 thoughts on “GREAT NEWS for my Photo Entry voters!!!”

  1. Hey! I just got a new phone! LOL but it would be awesome to get one of their little goody bags. I am already following (as you know) on facebook, twitter, and this blog. 🙂

    – Heidi

    P.S. Good luck on winning the photo contest! You seem like you really want to win! You have a great photo 🙂

  2. hi sweet! so here’s my 1st comment with all your sites that im following 🙂

    1) PensandLens on FACEBOOK
    2) Confessions of a Drama Queen on NETWORKEDBLOGS
    3) Mistytewest on TWITTER
    4) Confessions of a Drama Queen on BLOGLOVIN

    another blog comment with all my tweets/reblogs/shoutouts to follow soon!
    weee! am eggzited! haha!

  3. oh! i think my last comment did not get through, or there were just enough links to be directed to the spam folder. haha. i’m not sure.

  4. That is so sweet!! And thank you for always commenting on my blog! You’re so awesome. 🙂

    Twitter, Liked on Facebook, I’m following you on bloglovin, and facebook and Chictopia.

  5. I followed you trough twitter (I’m @caramel_manda)
    I followed you trough facebook (I’m Amanda ‘Uciieha’ Apriani)
    I followed you trough bloglovin (I’m ice creamy world)
    I followed you trough networked blogs with my fb account (I’m Amanda ‘Uciieha’ Apriani)

  6. Creamy :
    I followed you trough twitter (I’m @caramel_manda)
    I followed you trough facebook (I’m Amanda ‘Uciieha’ Apriani)
    I followed you trough bloglovin (I’m ice creamy world)
    I followed you trough networked blogs with my fb account (I’m Amanda ‘Uciieha’ Apriani)


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