TEWEST Exhibit

Sorry for the delay of my posts, I have been so stressed out that I had to sleep the entire day yesterday and was suffering from a mild headache plus a slight fever.  When I posted my top ten favorite things, there were so many emails and inquiry about my photos.  Yes those photos are all mine.  I was using a Canon 400d before, then I sold it and decided to buy the 500d last March but after the fairy tale purchase, I got mugged when I got home.  That was suppose to be a gift for all the sacrifices and hard times I had gone through.

These are my old photos that I would like to share with you.  I am not an Professional photographer but I have been loving to take pictures ever since my mom handed out our Olympus SLR camera.  Then came the Sony Video Camera that can take still photos made my second camera.  When the digital age came in, with phones that are having cameras.  I decided to get one.  And finally a point and shoot camera that was given to me by my dad.  And yes the Canon 400d was a gift from my parents as well.

Okay until now I have been getting stupid nightmares of my worst week ever.  It was full of crappy headaches and I need to meet their expectations but I got all in video.  I love acting like a spy hhahahaha!  So for those readers who are asking especially to Joanna and Maricel who emailed me if I do photo services.  I would love to but I am still here in Bangkok.

This post is all about my passion for photography and ever since I had my MA Degree I was more inclined in taking photos, compiled them and with the great help of my dad.  I rented the CAP ballroom area plus the food was delicious which my cousin helped me with the preparation.  It was my first Photo Exhibit and hopefully soon I can have the second round of photos to be exhibited.

Enjoy this lovely event everyone!

cutting of ribbon and me showing off my snacks .

my favorite purchase that YEAR!  the chocolate LOVE

my featured photos.

The photographist GROUP

and my official photographer  for that night.

and the places is super BIG!!!!!

and the rest are my visitors!!!!

missing this exhibit for good times sake….

thank you for your inquiries love.  right now I am still using my Samsung digital camera which is set by a mini DSLR configuration.

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Oh, more things to watch out.  Another feature for my Promote a Friend, upcoming giveaways for man and woman and new sponsors.  So even though I am killing myself to work in the morning, I am enjoying all your company through your blog comments.

Thank you SO MUCH!



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  3. Gleenn · August 22, 2010

    Oh wow, I missed this very big event. Congratulations, girl. Your exhibit is very promising. 🙂

    • Sweet · August 22, 2010

      I know…but hopefully there is a round 2 hahahaha

  4. KC · August 23, 2010

    nice photos. i want to be a photographer too but i don’t have the eye for it. i want some chocolate fondue right now. yum yum!


    • Sweet · August 23, 2010

      hahahahha Thanks love for the compliment…I guess I just love to look at things in a different perspective and see the magic in them…

  5. 關鍵字行銷 · September 17, 2010

    You certainly deserve a round of applause for your post and more specifically, your blog in general. Very high quality material.

    • Sweet · September 17, 2010

      thanks you so much D:

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