am I intimidating?

First of all I would like to say THANK YOU so much to everyone who voted, who made a retweet, shared a link for my photo entry. It is still on going guys!  The last date for voting will be on September 09, 2010.  I really apologize if I was not so active with Twitter or Facebook today, I was not even able to blog visit.  I really had a rough day, pretty bad Tuesday.

But I am very happy and I feel better now after reading all your comments and your great support for me.

Please continue to vote for me by clicking the LIKE button on the contest page and click my photo to be directed to my photo entry, click LIKE and your vote will be counted.  Spread the word, retweet, share the link in your facebook or any social networking sites.  I would greatly appreciate the help guys!

So aside from the great jump of votes that I received today, I almost had the perfect day until, a news came up.  I knew about this last week and I really did some changes because of course I am such a very open-minded person, any criticisms or observations about my work will be counted against me.  I am open to changes and doing something else.  What is the use of my Educational degree and the book that I am writing about the basics approach in English teaching, if I lack in the decency of changing!

I really have to experiment more on strategies, physical and emotional connection with your students and etc.  I am happy with my work, I have the best colleagues and a boss that defends my side.  She knows my capacity as an instructor, but replacing someone from my current job who have stayed in the same school for 5 years and was totally attached to the teachers.  It was a great deal of COMPARISON in my part.  Number one thing is, they ALWAYS compare his teaching styles against mine.  My point is I am not the old teacher, I am new, young and I have my own strategy in letting my students learn.

For my years of experience in teaching I am pretty proud to have achieved a remarkable change with the grades of the students that I have taught.  And that is something I will be very proud of myself.  I am here to teach, to let them learn.

I really hate it when they always reason out my age, that I am young enough to teach, that I lack the experience, that I give hard lessons to my students.  For goodness sake, I am teaching these kindergarten kids in advance because right now, with my Primary 1 students, I am totally having a hard time with them, they cannot even memorize the Alphabets and put them in order.

The greatest foundation in teaching is when the child is still young.  But all they want me to do is play games, and sing all the time.  They practically saying that why would I give the 12 months of the year to a 6 year old kid, and conversing in English to them? I am just confused about their remarks about me, that is way too personal already.  I am open to any criticism but if they criticized my age and my lack of experience and always comparing me to the old teacher who did the same thing for 5 years, oh well screw them.

I have worked this hard to reach what I have right now, it is not my fault that I graduated at an early age of 20 years old.  Got great experience with kids and teaching.  Learning how to speak the correct American Accent through my call center experience and can multi-task because I had the hardest job of multi-tasking before.

I have the enough experience to teach these kids.  So screw them, seriously my boss was even telling me to ignore them and make my own remarks, my own strategy and of course I need solid evidence about my teaching.  So this is not really my everyday doing, but somehow they have awaken the bitchy side of me.  They are really messing with the wrong person because I can give them something that will really make their jaws drop and keep their mouth shut.

The deal is working in a foreign country is really hard, they are intimidated with your age and how far you have accomplished things at an early stage of your life.  Second thing is we are earning more than the regular teachers here, but we pay a lot of things compared to them so that is the big difference.  I just had to air this out, because if not I might blow up in front of them, though I am not really that kind of person.

Everybody knows how silent and sweet I am, but if they step into my dignity and my chance of proving myself, that is sadly another story. It is their words against mine, and trust me they are powerful than I am.  So I am making solid evidences that would totally prove them wrong, in fact I already did earlier because of my fuming anger.

Tomorrow is my favorite day, its a Hump Day and hopefully I get a dose of luck.  I badly need that.   Sorry for all the rantings guys.  Wonderful outfit post and stories will resume tomorrow promise.  I just need to do something extra for them so they better watch out tomorrow.

But seriously if I were to ask you, am I intimidating?

kisses Sweet



27 Comments Add yours

  1. Jen says:

    I voted for you! 🙂 Hope it goes well!

    I did not know you were a teacher! That is so cool 🙂

    1. Sweet says:

      thank you so much love..kisses will do rounds of blog visits tomorrow!

  2. pax says:

    Voted for oyou! love the photo!:) And yes, go kick their asses to the curb sweetie. Just do your thing and as continue improving the students. Goodluck and good things happen to good people! 🙂

    1. Sweet says:

      thank you dear…love the support 😀

  3. I’m sorry to hear about what you’re feeling! It’s perfectly fine to pour out your feelings. Just stay true to yourself, take in criticisms only to make you better and not bring you down.

    1. Sweet says:

      yes I am taking it lightly love…thank you so much for the support!

  4. Cheryl says:

    i don’t think you’re intimidating, but i do think you have a point. don’t get judge simply because you are deemed “too young” or something. stand your ground.

    1. Sweet says:

      thanks for this love…I really am very happy for the support.

  5. Lexy says:

    I hope that tomorrow’s a better day! 🙂

    I’m no good with criticism. It’s definitely something that drags my day down. But it’s always something to, you know, consider. That being said, I always think it’s best to stick to YOUR guns and what you know best. GO YOUNG ‘UNS. (Kind of?)

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

    1. Sweet says:

      today is such a fab day…until I learned there was really a personal motive about that complain…

  6. Joanne Faith says:

    First of all – let me just say that I voted for you!

    I enjoyed your post, it is amazing that primary kids cannot form the alphabet. When I was in pre-school I was reading! I’d sit down in front of the book shelf and read the books rather than go out and get yucky. Kids can accomplish so much…

    Stick to your guns! xo

  7. Che says:

    That photo was a bit intimidating. lol! 🙂 You have every right to rant. Not everyone can accept change. Don´t worry Sweet, continue doing what you feel is right especially that you have the support of your boss. As the saying goes, ¨You can´t please everybody¨. 😉

    1. Sweet says:

      yes love…and I choose that photo because it was a perfect reflection of me being angry hahahah!

  8. Casee Marie says:

    I voted for your photo! I love it.

    You’re absolutely not intimidating! Your delightful and so kind. I’m sorry you’re being criticized. It’s not fair to be judged by your age and experience, that’s something I really hate. 😦 You’re fabulous, though, so just keep being you and everything will be fine!


    1. Sweet says:

      yes I love I have solid evidences now…so she better zip her mouth!

  9. I think you’re doing the right thing in teaching these kids important and essential skills they’ll need for the rest of their life. It’s better for their futures and they could always make time to play & sing on their own time.

    And good luck with the photo competition!

    1. Sweet says:

      thanks Audrey…that is my point but she cannot understand that…and she is taking it personally…about my own leisure time.

  10. dredd says:

    I don’t you personally but my instinct says you’re a sweet and kind-hearted person ;. I love this quote “Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”

    Good thing, your Boss is taking your side (kahit isa lang ang naniniwala sayo, it’s worth figthing for!)

    Best of luck in everything you do/Dredd

    1. Sweet says:

      yes love…my boss and my colleagues is taking my side because they know how I feel….but its their word against mine…and just like one Irish colleague of mine said…whatever you do…you will eventually LOOSE!!!! but nope.. I will never surrender 😀

  11. dredd says:

    i mean “I don’t know you personally”

  12. Leia says:

    Glad you are getting lots of votes 😀

    1. Sweet says:

      yes dear…spread the news…and thank you for the support!!!!

  13. Ramona says:

    Oh yes I also like experimenting with my hair! I already tried every colour at least twice and I don’t have any favourite! :))) By now I have blonde hair and as I said I wanna go back to red. Lucky me that I have short cut, so my hair is not that stressed ;-)))

    Thanks for following me! I like your blog as well!!


  14. kathi eric says:

    hey don’t worry about them. they wouldn’t have picked on you if they weren’t threatened or made insecure by you. consider it a compliment. 🙂

    just came across your site by the way. i’m following. follow too?
    kathi folds five

    1. Sweet says:

      surething love…will do tomorrow when I get home because I need to sleep now…mwuah kisses…

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