Favorite Blog Award: Eden

An edgy side of Cebu’s style paved its way to the national stylists division.  She was featured as one of the top seven stylish Filipina bloggers in Philippine Online Chronicles.  She can wear the basic color black in a different way.  The rocker side of her toughens up her style but with those deadly heels you will surely know that she is hitting the mark as one of the most experimental person when it comes to fashion.

Aside from her funky and awesome character, she is not afraid to express her self at all.  She is outspoken, open-minded, witty and believe it or not, inside that toughness style she is one of the most amiable person I have known.  I am very proud to feature her as one of my Favorite Blog Awardees, considering that she has made a name for herself.  I was so thrilled to break the news to her when I saw her name on POC.  And as small as Cebu, we had common friends that we never thought we were actually connected to one another.

I am talking about someone who became so dear to me, the only goddess that sprout from the Garden of Felicity, the blogger of Chic in the Tropics no other than our very own Eden.

Throughout her busy schedule I was so glad that she was able to squeeze in my interview for this feature.  I know she has a lot of events to attend to and she also needs to priorities her personal affairs.  It was just so sad that we weren’t given a chance to meet in Cebu while I was there for my vacation but nevertheless, the communication was very open and we became closer in the cyberspace world.

Thank you so much Eden, for gracing this interview.  I am so proud to feature you in my blog.

Check out how outspoken she answered all my questions and get to know her more.

Sweet: Can you briefly tell us about yourself?

Eden: i’m Eden, a 23-year-old radio jock/fashion writer and blogger from Cebu City, Philippines. i occasionally do freelance work in event hosting, voicing of commercials and audio-visual presentations, as well as stage and student film acting. In the process of developing a column (will keep that under wraps for now), and also just got hired as a fashion writer for mycelebritystylist.com. I enjoy thrift-shopping and DIYing clothes and accessories with a passion.

Sweet:  How did you get into blogging?

Eden: one of my bestfriends, local rtw designer yves camingue, was the one who put me up to it! we were noticing the emergence of a lot of fashion bloggers all over the world at that time, and we just thought it would be fun to start something like that here.

Sweet:  If you had to describe your blog in less than 20 words how would describe it?

Eden:  It’s all about whatever tickles the style senses of a certain 20-something media practitioner always on the lookout for what’s inspiring, what’s new, and what to look forward to in fashion.

Sweet:  How long have you been blogging?

Eden: its been one year and 5 months already. always doubted if i’d be able to keep it up, but hey, i’m still here!:)

Sweet:  Is this a full time job?

Eden: i wish, what a total blast that would be! unfortunately this is only one of the many things i balance on my plate. career-wise i do a lot of things non-fashion related… but if i could, i’d definitely give my blog much more time!

Sweet:  In what category can you qualify your blog?

Eden:  personal style/fashion inspirations

Sweet:  How many blogs do you have?

Eden:  i only have this one for now.

Sweet:  What are some of your goals this year for your blog?

Eden:  Definitely develop it and make it more interactive, buy a .com domain for it, and of course to never, ever run out of interesting posts! I’m cooking up some designs of my own, and also tying up with Dane of Trust Me, It’s Paradise for a few things.. i love that gal! but yeah, for certain i’m hoping to just keep the blog up and continue to enjoy it:)

Sweet:  Where do you find inspiration for your outfit post?

Eden:  just about everywhere, really! i’m inspired by other bloggers, my friends, and the people who pass me by; but most of the time i tend to be uni-directional with my look, which are separates that are at times edgy, trendy or androgynous. however since my line of work calls for it, you also see a lot of classic minimalism as well.

Sweet:  How does your workplace look like?

Eden:  Our radio station is located in the 20th floor of a hotel here in the city, and I  have this humongous view overlooking everything. It’s beautiful, but creepy at times since I am afraid of heights! Aside from that, its just me and a lot of computers and radio consoles.:)

Sweet:  What advice would you give to new bloggers wanting to start their own blogs?

Eden:  I think its fantastic and definitely should be encouraged, especially those who are just inherently confident and passionate enough to rock something unique everyday. A lot of things have to be considered though, like time constraints, inspirations, etc… But hey, it just takes a leap of faith to get things started!

And to know more about Eden here are some interesting facts about her.

Name: Fedwilyn “Eden” Villarba
Age: 23
Favorite Music: grunge, 80’s new wave, acid jazz, electronic/trance
Favorite Brand: ThreeasFour, Rag&Bone, Bess, Obey, H&M. some of these brands cost an arm and a leg, though, so I’ll just keep dreaming for now. hehe

Favorite Food: i eat just about everything, but i can’t resist fried chicken!! ever!

Favorite Website: trendhunter.com, thebusinessoffashion.com, style.com
Favorite Style Icon: Debbie Harry, Joan Jett, Alice Dellal
Favorite Designers: Rad Hourani, Marc Jacobs, Nicolas Ghesquiere, Gareth Pugh, the late Alexander McQueen

Another note, Alice Dellal is Eden’s favorite style icon.  Check her funky style too.
Again, thank you so much to Eden for this feature and for letting me choose your photos.  What can I say you look lovely in all your outfit posts, but these are my ultimate favorites.
Do not forget to visit her blog Chic in the Tropics and leave your lovely comments.
photos are from Eden’s blog and facebook site.  Alice Dellal are from google.com


27 thoughts on “Favorite Blog Award: Eden”

  1. sweet, i can’t begin to tell you how much this was appreciated. you speak with the kindest and choicest of words and it reflects on your sweet and extremely likeable personality.. ako pa mauwaw cuz i don’t believe na i deserve this much accolade. but thanks. it’s bloggers and friends like you that make me go on with what i do despite the hurdles. love you!


  2. Another great candidate for your award, dearest Sweet! I love how fashion forward her style is too!

    And I need to find out more about Alice Dellal, she looks smoking hot here:)


  3. hello Sweetie! Great interview! I am not really into edgy fashion but I am impressed to her personality. I love reading different kinds of blog at least na a update ako what’s happening around the globe in a more personal point of views of bloggers. KUDOS to all bloggers!


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