Promote a Friend feature!

These are old photos of mine dated 2007 when I still had my braces on.  Was actually trying to portray Snow White but it actually turned out that I looked like a sweet witch after all.  Hahhahaah!

Hi everyone, how was your Tuesday?  I had the most boring Tuesday ever but despite of it, I was able to get 11 hours of sleep, so that made my stressful face healthy and glowing now.  I know I have told you before that aside from my Favorite Blog Award feature, I will doing something new.

As you all know, I only have a handful of friends, those are crazy and loving ones.  I also have friends that I enjoy hanging out with because they are just fun and crazy people.  And these friends of mine are talented, beautiful, bubbly, one of a kind and there is something in them that makes them different.  I sometimes hate it that they do not blog or anything because I do not have personal friends in the blogosphere world except for two or three bloggers hahaahha!  But seriously, these ladies/guys/gays are just not into the social networking sites.  So while I was reading a book one time at The Mall, I was inspired by a certain author, I forgot his name hahahaah!  He was writing down things that will make your life different in a year and that includes doing something extraordinary, which is “PROMOTE A FRIEND”.

Before you react or say anything, this means that I will be featuring a friend of mine not only because we are friends because I know she have something that the world should know about.  I am not selling or looking for a mate for them.  This is simply featuring them in my blog and telling the whole world how fabulous they are.  Each of them are unique and if you may find their talent interesting of course, you can actually get to follow them via their networking sites or you can contact them.

So hope you will appreciate and love this feature as what you have done and expressed through my Favorite Blog Award feature.  This is something I am looking forward to.  I am just way excited to shout to the whole world how fabulous and great my friends are.

Watch out for my first feature SOON!


15 thoughts on “Promote a Friend feature!”

  1. Can’t wait to see more of your friends, and I have been able to follow some great bloggers from social networking sites..keep it up Sweetie.

    Much love/Dredd

  2. I love this Sweet, the more the merrier! 🙂 I was reading your ¨Unexpected Friday¨post and I would also ¨squirm¨a little if my husband´s boss is present during dinner.lol! I think though that you´ve aced the ¨getting to know you stage¨. 😉

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