the magic in you

Sorry for this very late post.  We are currently moving in to our new pad and we are still 75% done with all the packing and cleaning the new pad.  I have been trying to get an inspiration for a blog entry. Usually I just sit down on my desk and write what my heart and mind tells me.  But ever since yesterday and until now, I still cannot think of a great inspiration to blog about.

I do blog about myself most of the times but I really cannot find the words to start with.  My mind is just wandering somewhere and it’s so hard for me to focus.  Yesterday was a very cold and odd day.  Aside from the cold and rainy weather I only got 3-4 hours of sleep because I had a serious conversation with my dearest friend.  I am still sick from my cough and that cough syrup is a complete nightmare for me.

During my conversation with my dearest friend something came up that really appalled me, it got me so pissed and fuming with anger that I had to rant about my feelings via my status on Facebook.  I slept feeling troubled but thankful for my hubby as well (that would be on another blog post) .  The 3 hours of sleep was not enough for me but since I have to work, I did not have a choice but got ready for work.  While taking a shower the hubby read a message from my best friend.  It was a sad and shocking news, her favorite Aunt just died that morning and I was one of the first person to know.

I was totally a zombie while walking towards the bus stop.  I cannot even do a follow Friday early in the morning, I was just so distracted about all the news.  I felt like I am carrying half of the burden of my two special friends.  I am not complaining or anything, but if it is just so easy to leave Bangkok for Cebu for a week, I would definitely pack my things and go straight to the airport. All I wanted was to give them a comforting hug.  Both of them are seriously going through a tough time right now.  But leaving Bangkok is just not so easy.

And now as I am typing this down, I just figured out something while taking a break after I finished half of the hub’s research project for his work.  I was staring at the ceiling and remembered all the photos that I edited last night.  Some of you know that one of my greatest passion is Photography.  I love to take photos of the sunset, of places and mostly nature’s beauty.  I have been fond of taking pictures of candid photos among my friends and one of my favorite subject for that matter is my dearest friend Jhessa. Yes, she was the one who got me hooked up last Thursday night and stayed up late, but it was fun talking to her.

As I was looking at my edited photos, I realized that there is something in her that stands out and makes a magical connection between my lens and her beauty.  She never believes that, but I always push it hard to her that there is really something in her that makes every photo special.  Not until all the photos of her was flashing on my head while I was staring at the ceiling earlier.

I finally saw the real HER.  Not that I do not know her, but the magic between the photo and her real self came out.  Her true beauty radiates from within and it clearly shows in every candid photos that I took of her.  Her face my carry a strong personality but look closely into her eyes, her smiles and actions. She is like a little girl, so fragile and needs to explore more of the real world for her to know how bumpy it is.

I did not ask her permission about posting her photos in here, but these are my photos and my heart is telling me to do so.

Look at every angle of her photo, you can see the sadness, the love for freedom, the cry for something new and yes, the possibilities of taking risks in her own hands.  But she is frightened, she is having second thoughts and yes she is afraid.

These photos are my own property, did not bother to put a watermark on it.

So do you agree with me, after saying that she is one of my favorite subject? She is beautiful inside and out, she never tries to see it that way but I do see her the way she is but hopefully a more stronger Jhessa after she finish winning this tough battle.

Oh well, I had a very tiring Saturday, no date nights today not even our vodka nights.  We only did the packing and yes the hub’s endless research.  But for now, I have actually made a blog entry it just took me a couple of seconds staring at our ceiling.

Have a great weekend guys!

Kisses xoxox!!!

16 thoughts on “the magic in you”

  1. Pictures do paint a thousand words. Lovely set of photos you have there 🙂 Praying for Jhessa to be able to pull through her challenges ^_^ Every woman, I think, needs to be able to pass some sort of test, so that she can emerge stronger, victorious, and well, even to the point where she becomes intimidating hahaha.. but most of all.. HAPPIER 🙂

  2. *tears*..I don’t know what to say except thank you dear..for everything…..this will really help me and i will be okay..for you, for my friends, for my family and for me…. =) mwahmwah!

    thank you for everyone for the encouragement..

    1. See??? I do not lie…hahaha!!! they love the photos and they would love you more…because of you…..no more no less…take care dear!!! I miss you!

  3. Beautiful images… you really know how to work behind the lens. And yes, looking at her eyes, I can see that she is not happy. She maybe smiling but she can’t fake the sadness in her eyes. I hope she will find her happiness someday. xoxo

    1. Oh Leah, it is really true!!!! but I know she will win this battle. I believe in her. thank you for the wonderful comment this will help her a lot.

  4. such a beautiful post. my thoughts are with you, she is such a beautiful person, your phorography is so moving, captures her inner self. you have such a talent.

    take cae my lovely,



  5. the photos are beautiful. i think you did the right thing following your heart and posting them, i hope she agrees.

    i completely understand what you mean about people having a certain magical connection with the lens. i definitely see it here in her photographs.

    i’m sorry to hear about some of the toughness you’ve been experiencing. moving time is always difficult and i wish you the best of luck.

    Vogue Gone Rogue

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