Favorite Blog Award: Audrey

I gained a lot of acquaintances since I started my blog.  I made them my favorites as well, not only because I love visiting their blog but they are amazing and REAL people.  In every blog that I visit everyday, it always seems to be a new lesson and inspiration for me.

This is the time that I will be featuring another favorite blog of mine.  Even for the fact that her site has a colorful and stylish layout but the content of her blog consists of a lot different interesting topics, values and ideals in life and for me she became one of my role models in the blogging world.

I was able to lift up my spirit and gained a lot of confidence because she was my inspiration, reading her post everyday makes a different world I am getting to.  Not the usual, fashion blogs where all I can see are designer bags and designer items and etc.

If you haven’t checked this site yet, no worries I am talking about the alluring Audrey from Audrey Allure. She is the most mysterious fashion blogger, since she seldom post her outfits online.  I was even lucky she got me to feature her photos for this post.

Audrey’s great idealism and positivity landed her different jobs that it did not only hone her strengths but was able to discover her weaknesses as well.  Why did I call her a great role model? Oh well, she studies and she writes for the school blog and now that she has started her own,  it just amazes me how she enjoys writing for us.  Everyone was captivated by her gorgeous smile and I guess her boyfriend did too.

Audrey has regularly maintained her long straight hair, though sometimes she experiments with it, but the true essence of beauty is not because of your hairstyle but because of your great personality and ambitions in life.  I really love how she categorized her blog into great links and features.  There is also a calendar of activities that she had already done and will still be doing.

She is a mixture of Kim Kardasian and Angelina Jolie.  Why?  her voluptuous features and gorgeous smile came from Kim.  Why Angelina? because of her luscious pouting lips that she handles very well and does not have to be tacky to act one.

If you visit her site you will surely be smitten with her great collection of inspiring photos and great music suggestions plus her amazing topics that you cannot read nor see at other blog sites.

My adoration for her great character will never change, since she is something more than a favorite blogger of mine.  She became my most alluring friend that freely says and points out her opinions in life.

Read more about my interview with her and you will surely be amazed how witty she answered all my questions.

Sweet: Can you briefly tell us about yourself?

Audrey:  I am a fashionista, bookworm, foodie, jock, and music lover 🙂

Sweet: How did you get into blogging?

Audrey: I actually started in middle school when all the rave was about xanga (this was way before myspace & facebook). A lot of my friends & I had them and we just shared about our days and showed off pictures.

Sweet:  If you had to describe your blog in less than 20 words how would describe it?

Audrey: There’s something for everyone! I try to make it as diverse as possible and I didn’t want it to be solely on fashion.

Sweet:  How long have you been blogging?

Audrey: I’ve been blogging since 2002, but I did take a few years off it. So in total it would have to be about 4 years.

Sweet:  Is this a full time job?

Audrey: I wish it was! However, it’s just something I do for my personal enjoyment. Although, I am the blog editor for my college & as a contributing blogger for that, I do get paid for those posts.

Sweet:  In what category can you qualify your blog?

Audrey: Miscellaneous. I post almost everything from fashion to food to flowers to literature and entertainment.

Sweet:  How many blogs do you have?

Audrey: Just one.

Sweet:  What are some of your goals this year for your blog?

Audrey: To get more followers and readers on my blog as well as more followers & fan for my Facebook fan page.

Sweet:  Where do you find inspiration for you outfit post?

Audrey: I suck at posing for outfit posts, but on the rare times when I do have an outfit of myself posted, it’s not really something I’m inspired by or focused from. I usually pick out my clothes based on my mood or if I found a really cute dress & want to show it off.

Sweet:  How does your workplace look like?

Audrey: It’s actually fairly organized, I work from my computer desk in my room.

Sweet:  What advice would you give to new bloggers wanting to start their own blogs?

Audrey: Have fun with it!

Interesting facts about Audrey to know her more.

Name: Audrey 🙂
Age: 20
Favorite Music: I listen to everything from indie/alternative to pop to rap/hip hop to jazz.  Love it all!
Favorite Brand: I don’t have a particular favorite.
Favorite Food: Persian food
Favorite Design Tool: Photoshop (although, I’m not as good at it as I used to be!)
Favorite Website: Blogspot of course 🙂 I also am addicted to Twitter & Facebook and Perez Hilton.
Favorite Style Icon: Audrey Hepburn, Emily Blunt, Olivia Palermo, Rachel McAdams, Kim Kardashian
Favorite Designer: Elie Saab, Tadashi Shoji, Alice + Olivia

Do not forget to visit her site Audrey Allure and leave a comment in her blog, believe me she is one of the sweetest bloggers ever.

Here are some of her favorite style icons.

Wonder where she got her alluring name?  Of course from Audrey Hepburn.

She got most of her hot looks from the gorgeous Kim.

Emily Blunt and Leighton Meester

Rachel McAdams and Olivia Palermo

Thank you so much to Audrey for answering my questions.  It is a pleasure to feature her in my blog.  She is not only beautiful in the outside but her personality brings out her inner goddess self.

Enjoy Reading everyone!!!!


27 thoughts on “Favorite Blog Award: Audrey”

  1. When I visited NY this February, I actually had a chance to talk a bit with Audrey. Although I only got to chat with her for about 1-2 minutes I totally walked away feeling like she’s super sweet, even more gorgeous in person, and down to earth. Love her and love your interview!

    PS. thanks for always taking the time to comment on my blog. I can’t always respond via comment but they always make my day.

    1. no worries love. I’ve been loving your blog ever since. And thanks for the comment to…

      Though I only talked and communicate with Audrey via twitter and blogging but she is the sweetest.

  2. Great interview and post! She has some of the same style icons as me. I have never heard of her blog, I will for sure check it out right now:)

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