After 50 years, how do you see yourself with your partner?

Ever since the hubby moved in Bangkok, we have been spending time together laughing, talking and nope we do not get bored.  Even though sometimes he whines about how much I give attention to my blog instead of him hahahha!  But then he supports me with my blog by spreading the news and linking it through his FB.  Somehow it made me think, now that the both of us are working our asses out everyday.  I earn for myself and keep something for our future and he does earn for him but usually gives most of his earnings to me and saves for our future.  I can never ask for anything right now, except for the fact that I wanted to be with him for good times and bad times.

So that gave me an idea, how do I see myself with my partner after 50 years of being together? Guess what!  I already have the answer.  We have our daily date night or shall we say movie night, I download all types of movies mostly chick flicks and he does not mind watching them at all.  As long as he does not get bored it suits him well.

Every Saturday, if we do not go out from our pad, we clean the pad.  He helps me a lot in the household chores and usually he takes care of the laundry since it is a bit heavy to carry after washing.  Then at night we settle in our little desk corner, ready for our saturday session.  We never fail to finish half of a bottle of whisky and enjoy a movie with popcorns and etc.

Those are our daily routines and after a while I realized, I never got bored.  We do talk about so many things and have so many topics to choose from.  Because right from the very start we started off as friends and the best part is, we can treat each other as friends but then in the days end every time he holds me when I sleep, nothing else matters except him.

So, I am seeing myself with him with our daily date night movie marathon and a Saturday full of fun watching unlimited movies minus the Whisky or any alcohol.  We can enjoy a cup of tea with muffins and banana cupcakes.

These are precious moments that means so much to me.  It gives me strength to hold on and he is the reason why I always smile everyday.  He brings out the best in me.  Nothing more, nothing less.  I am a spoiled brat but yes, he would inform me if I act like a bitch but loves me as I am no matter what and still ends up, loving me more despite of all my flaws and imperfections.

So how about you? How do you see yourself with your partner after 50 years from now?

Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone!

a little collage of our very own Saturday night.  I was taking pictures of myself when he bugs me off and just making crazy faces!

this is what our little desk corner looks like, a bottle of whisky from Laos, some sliced lemons and salt plus a big bottle of fermented milk which I really love!

and random photos of myself!  Wearing the dyed tube dress that one of my former colleagues gave me when I went back to the Philippines.  I love the color and the details of it as well.

and this is ME!!! no make-up or anything, fresh from the shower.  See my flaws??? but he still loves the smell of my hair even though I am totally sweating from cleaning the pad.  Those are little things that means a lot to me.


24 thoughts on “After 50 years, how do you see yourself with your partner?”

  1. Ohhh Sweetie, you’re just perfect with or w/o make-up… one of the most beautiful faces I laid my eyes on. Enjoy the feeling of being loved.

    much love/Dredd

  2. lovely post! you too are so sweet together! it really is the little things in life that make a relaitionship work!

    im sure you both will be happy together for the rest of your lives.. thank you for a post that will give everyone that loving feeling:)

    much love



  3. Sweet,

    I missed having that youthful glow and smooth skin! You look pretty with or without make-up! Fifty years from now,we´re both probably dead and I hope from old age. hahaha!

    We have exactly the same sentiments about our partners, you´ll know that he´s the one for keeps because you always end up friends even if you fight and not a day that passes by that you enjoyed each other´s company even while you sleep. You just can´t live without each other and yes, the smell factor counts a lot too!lol!

    1. aww thanks for the comments, this made things pretty easy for me. And hearing it from your experience I would love to have the same relationship and love that you have right now…

      old age? damn I will be turning 25…and I do not even have any beauty regimen hahahah!

  4. aww you two are adorable!! Really great pics, and an awesome post! Love seeing couples in love=) I honestly can’t think of what it’ll be like in 50 years with my hubby. We’ve talked about being the crazies at the nursing home, sitting on the porch yelling at the punk kids.. yeah that’s us, LOL.

    1. hahahah!!! yes, maybe that will be us also…sitting in the park and just talking about all the people who passes us by weird stuff hhahahha

  5. Aw that is so sweet! Sounds like you both will be happy together for a really long time 🙂 I’m also best friends with my boyfriend & it’s the greatest combo ever!

  6. Aww, I didn’t know you were married! How long? Next month my husband and I will be married for two years. The time goes by really fast!

    We love being together, laughing, watching movies, holding hands and walking, etc. etc. I see only great and even better things 50 years from now. I’m sure we will love each other even more than we do now!

    1. Well, it is not really that official though, I just call him my hubby because he was a bit jealous of how other bloggers call their sweethearts hahahha…but the official plans for the ceremony will still be on 2012….so this is going to be a fun roller coaster life!

  7. you are lucky to have found the one.. and i always enjoy reading your story bout your relationship with him..

    hahaha my partner told me two years ago that if we ever lost touch, we’d meet again in 10 years, and provided that both of us are still single at that time, we’d get married.. hahaha.. i must say tht in 50 years i picture us visiting either san francisco or la, which is where i am and where he is right now.. and we’d go down the same road and drive through the same freeway and talk about random unimportant stuffs over stupid songs that he likes a lot and i loathe so much. i don’t ever care if we’re married or not.. he’s the most compatible guy for me and i just want us to be connected, no matter what kind of connection it is- sexual, romantic, or purely platonic.

    1. yes it is totally true…the connection and bond will always be there….no need for a serious relationship where you decide what you need to decide…take it as fun as possible….

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