Favorite Blog Award: Elaine

Sorry it took me a lot of time to make another post about my favorite blog, with all that has happened these past few days I was not able to make one ASAP.  But here it is, I will not keep you hanging in there.

My next featured blogger has a great sense of style and a subtle way of designing her own clothes or improving it’s style.  You can check her DIY creation which made a great inspiration for me.  She is one of the bloggers that was listed on my blog links during the first month of my blog.

I was intrigued at her profile and began to read her past entries.  Every post made me know her and as modest as she says her blog is, she really is the ideal blogger that never runs out of great ideas in mixing and matching her clothes.

Let me introduce to you to my favorite blogger Elaine from Clothed Much.  Her feminine touch with her outfit post and love for thrift finds made me stick to her blog.  I always catch up with her daily rantings, stories and more.  Being married to someone who adores and loves her as she is, made me more connected to her site.  Her passion for traveling and fashion are another reasons why I always love to visit Clothed Much.

She maintains two sites, the other one is her online shop SHOP Clothed Much, you might check it as well.  She gives great bargains with her products.  Quality materials and clothes at the price you can offer, guaranteed great deals of course.

Her simplicity and classic touch in fashion made her a big thing in this blogosphere world.  I was very happy to interview her and as always she never fails to give the right answers to the questions.  Read more about my interview with her.

Sweet: Can you briefly tell us about yourself?

Elaine: I am a recent college grad with lots of school debt (not mine) trying to figure out our new graduate school life.

Sweet:  How did you get into blogging?

Elaine: I was following several blogs for a while and realized a lot of them didn’t reflect my values and my style. How could they? We’re all different!

Sweet:  If you had to describe your blog in less than 20 words how would describe it?

Elaine: Modest, affordable, accessible, practical, comfortable, easy, clean.

Sweet:  How long have you been blogging?

Elaine: I’ve been blogging since May 2009 and have almost loved every minute of it.

Sweet:  Is this a full time job?

Elaine: I wish! Somebody hire me!

Sweet:  In what category can you qualify your blog?

Elaine: Best modest fashion blog. Ever.

Sweet:  How many blogs do you have?

Elaine: At the present, I man three:  clothed much, SHOP clothed much, and my personal family blog.

Sweet:  What are some of your goals this year for your blog?

Elaine: I’d love to attract more loyal readers and sponsors are always welcome.

Sweet:  Where do you find inspiration for you outfit post?

Elaine: Everywhere – street style, magazines, fashion blogs…

Sweet:  How does your workplace look like?

Elaine: Right now, I don’t have a workplace. I do work on my blog on my parents-in-law’s couch. Don’t worry, I have a laptop – no desktop…that would suck.

Sweet:  What advice would you give to new bloggers wanting to start their own blogs?

Elaine: Be yourself! Don’t try to copy anybody else because there’s only one you.

More personal and interesting facts about Elaine.

Name: Elaine
Age: 22
Favorite Music: Ratatat
Favorite Brand: H&M
Favorite Food: broccoli
Favorite Design Tool: Photoshop
Favorite Website: Right now… Apartmenttherapy.com
Favorite Style Icon: I really like Diane Kruger’s style.
Favorite Designer:
Oscar de la Renta

Thank you so much Elaine for taking time to answer my questions.  Sweet kisses to you.

Visit her lovely blog Clothed Much now and give her some of your sweet comments.   Don’t forget to drop by her shop SHOP Clothed Much as well, you might find something interesting.

Take Care lovies, hope you had a wonderful Wednesday.




  1. Audrey Allure · July 14, 2010

    I love her blog too!

    • Sweet · July 15, 2010

      same here….we all love Elaine’s blog…

  2. cherie · July 14, 2010

    hi sweet! wow she looks so chic 🙂 great interview too. im checking out her blog now

    p.s going to bangkok on october. can you please recommend some places to dine and go shopping? im so excited already even if its matagl pa 🙂

    • Sweet · July 15, 2010

      surething will email you the details Cherie…

  3. Sher · July 14, 2010

    Aww, she’s so sweet! I think it’s lovely how her style is so simple yet accessible!!


    • Sweet · July 15, 2010

      yes sher she really is…

  4. Napua · July 14, 2010

    that’s fantastic that you point out other bloggers you love.. i think that shows heaps about your character. Also I love that you’ve pointed out this particular one, shes got a great style… cheers.

    • Sweet · July 15, 2010

      yes dear…I am one of their avid readers…

  5. i love elaine as well 🙂

    • Sweet · July 15, 2010

      same here Michelle….

  6. Miss Neira · July 15, 2010

    Great post! she has such a great blog

    • Sweet · July 15, 2010

      I know she really is fantastic…

  7. Elaine · July 15, 2010

    Thanks so much for the feature, Sweet! You’re amazing.

    • Sweet · July 15, 2010

      your welcome Elaine, you deserve this…

  8. carissa · July 15, 2010

    wow… thanks for featuring her, now I know another great blogger out there 😀

  9. jasna · July 15, 2010

    I love Elaine : ) This is a really good interview hun! Have a stunning day xxx

  10. Emilie Delance · July 15, 2010

    Love it! Her style is fab 😀

    • Sweet · July 15, 2010

      love it too…and by the way I got the giveaway package…thank you was so excited….

  11. Leia · July 15, 2010

    Her blog is one of my faves! 🙂

  12. gizelle faye · July 16, 2010

    elaine indeed has a modest but super chic style..:D

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

    • Sweet · July 16, 2010

      yes I agree with you Gizelle…hope you are doing fine love..

  13. Rachel @ a la Modest · July 16, 2010

    She is sweet!

    • Sweet · July 16, 2010

      I know she really is amazing

  14. eden · July 16, 2010

    i miss visiting you jud, indae! how are you? wah. pressure me to finish my questionnaire beh. it should be in though within the week.. i swear! haha.

    ❤ eden

    • Sweet · July 16, 2010

      I am fine Eden, will visit your blog later…a bit busy in the office….no worries take your time my dear….

      miss you

  15. qin · July 16, 2010

    Lovely style ❤

    • Sweet · July 16, 2010

      yes super lovely style…

  16. tjana pengar · July 19, 2010

    Sometimes it’s really that simple, isn’t it? I feel a little stupid for not thinking of this by myself.

  17. TravisAR · July 23, 2010

    Great post! 😀


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  19. aknes2 · August 18, 2010

    Awesome post! thank you for sharing this information. pensandlens.wordpress.com really got under my
    skin, bookmarked… Keep up the great site…

    • Sweet · August 18, 2010

      aww thank you love…I am honored…take care always

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