GAP Models are hot!!!

GAP opened in Siam Paragon just this week, the boyf and I dropped by to check there stuff.  And whala, when we went out, the boyf notice that the girls were all giddy and shouting outside the window pane of the store.  When we took a glimpse, there they were sitting down and smiling at those screaming teens.  Oh my, I forgot how gorgeous my boy toys are (Sam Milby and Jake Cuenca).  They were so game and gave out a big smile when I pointed my camera towards them.  The boyf doesn’t want to take any pictures of them thinking people might think he is gay hahahah!

Now I have more reasons to watch the Zenithorial Fashion Show this coming late October.  Oh boy…Fashion Week, I am just way too excited.

Enjoy the yummy pictures.  Major outfit post tomorrow.  I just had a complete blast today.


Okay fine, I know I look like the BEAST and he is the BEAUTY hahahha!!! I really look an ugly witch beside him….or blame the setting of my camera…

My face is turning round again, diet starts tomorrow….I promise…

How was your Saturday loves!!!!



  1. damnvixen · June 26, 2010

    i was about to go to sleep when i found the rss for your blogpost that just came in, i effin hate you!! id flash those yummies anytime lol.. love the polka dress btw, though i would wear it shorter, a lot shorter ehehhe

    The ViXeN’s LaiR

  2. damnvixen · June 26, 2010

    id totally go immoral for that guy in white!!

  3. momdaughterstyle · June 26, 2010

    hi sweet, will your bf stay there for good? if yes, im happy for you.

    you still look like a beauty beside him and he is the prince charming. OMG super hot nga nila, pag nakita ko sa personal dapat di ako nakadress kasi baka biglang mahulog ang panty ko haha.

    • Sweet · June 26, 2010

      hahahaha…nku naman grabeh yan buti nga sa akin hinde heheheh

  4. renika · July 9, 2010

    hey! im doing some research abt gap…tell me what u think abt the brand if u could…it would be great insight! thanks!

    ps love the pics!

    • Sweet · July 10, 2010

      surething, what about it love?

  5. renika · July 13, 2010

    well basically what you think about the brand in general? i’m guessing you are thai? do you think the brand fits well with thai fashion style? just anything! 😛

    • Sweet · July 13, 2010

      will email my write up to you love. I am not Thai, but i’ve been living and observing the thai lifestyle and their fashion as well.

      I am Asian from the Philippines. hope its alright with you. take care love.

  6. renika · July 13, 2010

    sure! thank you soo much!!! 🙂

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