luxury shopping

at the LV store located at Gaysorn Plaza, Bangkok

From the title itself it seems that I have lit a fire on my savings account.  Seriously I cannot do that right now, last Saturday the boyf and I went ahead and went shopping.  It was my first time to take a glimpse of Rachaprasong Road aftermath the May arson attacks here in Bangkok.  I can say it was alive again but the sight of Central World burnt down was a very depressing thing.

I dragged the boyf at Gaysorn Plaza where all the luxurious brands are hiding.  He never wanted to get inside in the first place, he was never the type of guy who wanted to wear a Prada or a Burberry top.  Seriously, he is just a simple rocker type dude who prefers sports brands than fashion brands.

I wanted to check out the Canapa Tote Bag from Prada since I heard that it cost Php 32,000 in the Philippines.  If it is  cheaper here in Bangkok maybe I can get away with it this year and buy one for myself.  But I was still doing my puppy eyes towards the boyf if ever he says YES.  When we got in, he saw the price and he seemed to have lost a limb, I was just smiling at him.  The price was not too bad after all, it cost 20,000 baht and I can say if I can buy a laptop and a DSLR (which in fact was stolen from me last March check here Tragic Day )  then I can buy one for myself.

We then headed to LV and the boyf just lost his insanity when he saw the prices.  I just love the people at LV but the boyf was not comfortable at all.  And lastly we headed off to Chanel to check my dream bag and there he was, my beloved boyfriend looking at me as if he lost everything.  He was just sweating like hell.

That was such a funny experience for a guy like him but at the days end, my Canapa Tote Bag from Prada won and guess what?  He is going to buy it for me.  I just don’t know when but he did promise and as far as I know he never breaks his promises.  I just can’t wait.  Happy Tuesday everyone!

Top: Karimadon with my DIY (HERE )

Shorts: Bangkok

Flats: Fairy Tale

Bag: Nena Bangkok

Bracelet: July

Necklace: Cebu finds

Rings: Bangkok finds

inside the LV store, checking out the mens footwear…

inside Chanel

the price that made my boyf lost everything hahhhaah…

I can’t wait for this one, I love the blue one…

Kisses everyone! mwuah xoxox


16 thoughts on “luxury shopping”

  1. hi sweet! this is such an amusing story, i was smiling to myself when reading it. boys will be boys noh? love the prada canapa tote too! methinks i like the red and pink, ikaw what color you like hehe


  2. lovely pictures girl and wow! what great shopping. I’m not sure if I would ever get a 20,000B worth of bag, I think that would be impossible. Boyfriend is way more practical he does not condone too fashionable shopping which he puts it as “there are something more worthy for the money”. And well, I don;t push. Oh, but guess what? he may not buy me a bag that expensive (lucky you you’re bf would) but he bought me a camera worth 800euro. Oh, i can’t wait to see it 🙂

  3. Sweet,

    I was smiling when I was reading this entry because we have the same problem with our boys.lol! Mine wouldn´t even dare look at the window display of these stores and so you´re lucky that you´re able to drag your boyf inside these stores. 😉 Even if the hubz has a budget for these things, it´s just not his thing and so I´ll just drool over them for now and will find a way to buy them someday.

    The Prada bag is gorgeous, I´d prefer the blue one too and you look pretty in your tunic top! 🙂

    1. thanks Cheryl, I miss wearing that top…it’s been ages since I wore it. Guess I am pretty much lucky because I can whine and pout my lips just to drag him inside hahahahah!!!!

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