My first DIY

One thing that I have never done or featured in my blog is a DIY (Do-it-yourself) collection.  I am just not in the mood for any creative inputs but just last night while I was rummaging my closet, I saw my old white top from Karimadon.  I love the design and the cloth but sad to say last year while I was wearing it for the very first time, my top suddenly got ripped while I was going after a very naughty student.  I was pissed off like hell and from that time on, I haven’t used the top.

Last night I can’t bear to throw it away, so I thought of sewing the torn part together but it won’t do any justice at all.   While I was checking on my drawers and sewing kit.  I saw my old hair clip, the perfect alternative for my DIY.  And so I began…

Here is the torn area….

and my all white favorite hair clip…

with a help of a needle and thread…

clipped it on and sew the sides so that it will not fall out of place…

And the finish product!!!! Wheheheh, so happy for this one.  I am going to wear this later and will make an outfit post after out Saturday shopping :).

Have a wonderful Saturday lovies!!!!


18 thoughts on “My first DIY”

  1. Very creative! wish i have the energy to do the same 😉

    btw, we start to pack our things and we’ll be moving on the 9th of july ;))


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