because I am a sucker for bags…

I miss my old black quilted bag which I gave away to my beloved cousin Anmay in exchange of a Roberto Cavalli quilted bag and my Chanel ring plus other designer items.  And now since I am back to my favorite shopping place, I made sure to buy the same bag from Nena, a local brand here in Thailand.

I was drooling at their newest line of bags but sad to say, I guess I was a little too late, most of my favorites were sold out.  Good thing my first choice was still available so I splurged on it and grab it like there is no tomorrow.  After paying for it, I saw them put a grey handbag and I just thought “damn”.  So I had to wait for King since we are going to have dinner.  I told him to go with me to check on something and  yes, with an urge of my puppy eyes and smile, he bought the grey bag for me.  I am the happiest girlfriend ever.  With all smiles while taking pictures of my newest babies.  Have a nice weekend everyone!

my new favorite babies whehehhe….

happy shopper…

this just came out and I gave the boyf, the puppy eyes so that he will buy it for me…hahahaha!!!!

and my first choice…I don’t know I feel like loving the color….

I look like a kid, who just opened her first Christmas gift.  My apologies for the messy hair and the brown top.  I always wear like that when I am at home doing nothing hahahaha….

Have a wonderful weekend to all of you!!!


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