Why not marry now?

Okay fine, lately I have been bombarded with a lot of controversies and questions hanging around me.  The big question is, why not marry now?  why do you have to wait for 2012?  why not get pregnant now?  why, why, why and a lot of why’s?

Seriously?  what’s with the rush?  I am 24 turning 25 this year, I guess I am still young to get married.  Yes, I have instilled in my young and naive mind before that I have to get married at 24 or 25.  But now that I am in my marrying age, I don’t feel like it yet.  I am not ready to be binded with the word MARRIAGE.

I am not afraid to get married it is just that, I am not in a rush.  I have plans A LOT of plans and I am happy that despite the peer pressure around us, King has been there holding me closely and just being with me all the way.

I don’t want a grand wedding now and end up lonely after 2 years.  I don’t want to rush into things and waking up one day that the love you have is not enough to keep the marriage alive.  I don’t want to get pregnant and blame my kids for not enjoying my life.  I don’t want to get into something that I might regret one day.  And lastly, I don’t want to do this because I am not yet ready.

I still want a stable house to live in, a good source of income, a peaceful life and I want to own a rest house where we can take a relaxing vacation with my family.  Those are the things that I want and I am willing to wait for it, if it means REAL HAPPINESS to me.  I believe that getting your happily ever after needs patience and planning.  And in God’s time everything will fall into place.

this is my nephew JAKESANG whehehe…I still have braces in this photo.

and yes, our old pictures during college.  Wow 9 years…


14 thoughts on “Why not marry now?”

  1. You shouldn’t rush into an important thing like marriage! It sounds like you are just finding your footing and you shouldn’t let anyone pressure you. That said I got married at 24 and it was right for me–you have to do what is right for YOU.

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