When everything else seems to end…

This was my last night out with King and with his friend Errick.  It was his birthday and truth be told, we weren’t able to hang out since the day I arrived in Cebu.  So he asked us to go with him for an amazing night out.

All of us wanted to hang out at Moon Cafe and just chill for the entire night, while I consumed myself with spare ribs and my favorite all time game.  King and Errick was just too busy to talk about boys stuff.  It was just a very lovely night with us couples and with two friends who seemed that they were not able to see each other for decades hahahah!

I was also excited to wear the vintage dress that my aunt stuffed inside my closet.  I was cleaning up my room and saw three lovely pieces.  This was my first pick for that night.  It was so classy, so vintage and yes!  it is RED!!!!  King was stunned when he saw me and I was just feeling as girly as ever.

Ahh things that I really miss about Cebu.

Dress: Vintage from my aunt

Necklace: Bangkok

Earrings: Thrift from Cebu

Wedge: Nena Bangkok

Bag: Nena Bangkok

I will surely miss posing with Freddy (my ford ranger)

and us….together!!!!

we stopped by at my friend’s house to get something…this is her son…

I was busy playing plants vs. zombies hhahaha!

Me and Xylene, Errick’s girlfriend.

and the boys!!!! King and Errick…


4 thoughts on “When everything else seems to end…”

  1. You look so classy here, Sweet! I love that red dress, the pearls and your red lipstick, perfect! By the way, thanks for the anniversary greetings. 🙂

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