World Bloggers Day!

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Parkmall introduced their newest innovation.  The free wi-fi which is the newest craze in today’s generation.  It even got me thinking about a Facebook group that states.  “Dapat ipa-wifi ang buong pilipinas”  (The entire Philippines should be installed with free wi-fi) funny but true.  As a blogger myself, I am keen with it comes to connection and the availability of accessing the internet as fast as possible.  I know I have late posts in my own site but that does not mean I don’t need a fast connection.
Parkmall just started with their wi-fi system, I tried SM’s northwing connection and compared to Parkmall’s current system.  I give Parkmall a 2 out of 10.  I was a bit disappointed about their connection, I was expecting that this event would welcome all bloggers who can connect with one another online.  Sad to say, I am even having a hard time connecting with wordpress during that day.  I  just used my favorite temporary blog publisher.  The old but yet effective, windows WORDPAD.
This event was organized by the Cebu Bloggers Society.  They are a group of bloggers that was established in Cebu, it was fun meeting some of the members and yes I was able to meet one of my homecoming giveaway winner, Aimee, gawd I feel so old meeting them.  They were still young while I felt like I was the oldest of us three, she was with Jhessa a sister of my classmate in high school, talk about the Cebu term “huh! small world ayt?”

Well after being introduce to some of the people through our own blogs, we munch on the buffet table where they prepared something for us.  The steaks, chips and french fries where gone in an instant.  King got some food for me while I waited for him to come back to the table to guard our stuff, well it is still in fact a public area.  When he got back, I picked some stuff at the buffet table where something caught my eye.  The vietnamese food that was on the right corner of the table where nobody cared to try  their specialty.  I was desperately looking for something near to having Thai food.  And so I tried their rice noodles with monggo sprouts, it was like eating Pad Thai once again.  Their beef soup was a big hit as well.
We went home after eating and yes after crowning the best costume for that day.  The bloggers meet up had a cast away theme, so I decided why not dress up like one for fun.  But then during the last minute I chicken out, while King was wearing a faded shirt because I told him so (hahahah peace).
But overall it was nice trying Parkmall’s wifi and hopefully soon enough they can maintain a fast connection ever. Today is Cebu Blog Camp in the Philippines but sad to say, I cannot join I wish I could join and meet my favorite bloggers in Cebu but sad to say I am  not available but hopefully I can be able to meet some bloggers here in Thailand or bloggers who wish to visit Thailand soon, we can blog and have fun.  Aww blogging is my next favorite thing in the world and I am loving it.  Have a wonderful Saturday night!

my cast-away theme outfit.

castaway top: BYSI

inner top: Tewest razor back

shorts: Bangkok

Flipflop: Old Navy

Bag: Bangkok

Necklace: Cebu finds

my friend Isabeau wearing a very animalistic outfit….

Isabeau is a fan of make-up while I am a fan of clothes and shoes…she loved my Lunasol eye product and yes the Kate eye shadow from Kanebo….

and my dear hubby, he seems not pleased after seeing some people not wearing a cast away outfit hahahah!!! sorry my bad…

trying to blog and connect…but after every 3-5 minutes the connection slows down and stops….

up in front posing while everyone was talking about blogging hahahah!

my new blogger friends, Jhessa and Aimee.  Gawd look at me, wearing no make-up hideous look!!! GAWD!!!

and yes, THE FOOD!

I totally loved the vietnamese food ever!!!!

I got crazy over the food love it…

and yes, he was the lucky guy who won the best in cast away costume.  Who can beat that?


8 Comments Add yours

  1. jessa says:

    hehe.. better late than never!! wala jud kuh about sa WBD.. and i was one of those nga wala ng.cast away outfit… oops.. sorry.. hihi.. it was nice meeting you te!! =]

    1. Sweet says:

      it was nice meeting you too…it was fun hehehe next time mag organize nya ta og blog meet up hehehehe

  2. damnvixen says:

    yes lovey the eyeshadows you had let me try.. its smooth and very fine perfect blending effect! seeing the food pics made me frown on how much i ate that day lol.. btw i didnt get to attend the blog camp.. sooo early and i predict too boring a lecture too hehehe.. oh well there’s always a next time

    The ViXeN’s LaiR

    1. Sweet says:

      hehehehe….if I were there, I think you will surely attend…hehehehe ahh miss you mwuah!!!

  3. sms says:

    haha coool post nice pictures

    happy bloggers day,

    yes no one can beat him , b’cos no one can wear that kind of dress haha

    nice funny post

    1. Sweet says:

      thanks hehehe…I know super funny I was even shock…that is the reason why he was wearing a robe inside the mall

  4. great pictures, parang magkamukha na kayo ng love mo ha. sarap naman ng food. im glad you had fun meeting other bloggers. i love your accessories, the butterly rings are gorgeous.

    1. Sweet says:

      yes….and it is up for grabs for my anniversary giveaway so join now!!!! mwuah!!

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