I voted…I wanted to start a change…

I woke up early today to cast my vote at San Roque Elementary School.  The line and the place was a big mess, it was super crowded, dirty and yes the same old politics in the Philippines.

I never said no to the automated machines but it took a lot of our time.  Since I wanted to make a change I really did stay in line and waited.  After 6 scourging hours under the heat of the sun plus the not so comfortable smell of other people.  I was able to cast my vote.

We stayed in line, we ate in line, we asked our friends to go out and buy stuff while we were lining up.  We never gave up.  Some people are complaining regarding the clustering of precincts but hopefully those who believed in changing our country made the right decision.

Others went home because they do not have the patience to wait while others were trying to cut in line.  But I extended my patience because I believe that we have a chance to change.  A chance to become a new nation.

But sad to say after reading the results and listening to the news lately.  I am currently writing this blog with a heavy heart, I am wondering what is happening to the people in the Philippines.  Why are we choosing the wrong candidate?   What the hell is happening to us?  We need this chance to change and some wasted their votes because they got tired while, some can’t take the heat and some sold their votes to get money from other candidates.  I was very sad.

But then again, I am still proud to cast my votes because I believe I was able to make a big change when I shaded the number 8 on my ballot.

I am so proud to say that I have been a super GREEN ranger fan.  Hopefully after this, those people who made the wrong decision will not be the one who seeks out another people power movement to oust another President in charge if they cannot see any changes at all.  And please may you have the sense of dignity and pride to keep up to your decision in helping your candidate to make our nation rise from the mess that we have been through.

I am disappointment with the spirits of some Filipino voters.  Why would we choose sympathy over competence and popularity over intelligence?  We never learn from our own mistake.  As what I have said before, it is not the President but it is US, who needs a complete reformation.  A complete analysis of our own beliefs and values as a person.  We need to justify and start the change in US. But sad to say, they are still many of us who never learned from the past.  No wonder.  Just no wonder!!!  I am totally speechless.

first time to vote for the Presidential Elections…when I turned 18, I did not support anyone….not until I saw a big inspiration to change….

CONGRATULATIONS!!! your vote has been registered….474 ballots….

all of us are united in bringing GIBO to victory…but deep in our hearts he deserves to win…

have you found my name???

hot and messy precinct polls….

our lunch/snacks….pizza or bread…

almost there….wheheheh!!!! excited!!!!

so serious with the shading….hahahah!!!!

my brothers and friends plus King voted for GIBO!!!! we are the new voices….


9 thoughts on “I voted…I wanted to start a change…”

  1. Hello Sweet!
    I miss you!
    Wow, you have a long vacation ever
    and I am sure your are loving it spending
    time with family and friends!

    You’re one good as Filipino citizen, you exercise your right
    to vote.

    I love the new layout of your blog btw.

  2. It’s a sad day for the Philippines… I am not with the yellow team myself and I know that Filipinos will suffer. Oh well, what can we do, our countrymen never learned their lesson.

  3. we ridiculed noynoy saying he is abnoy.. well the filipinos proved that we are a country or psychos.. hahayst but all is done, no use of whining nah.. lets just cooperate and help all we can, wag natin hintayan magkalat c noy2.. tulongan na lang natin cya..

    words of enlightenment from The ViXeN’s LaiR

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