Pre/post birthday and Farewell party

I planned my pre/post birthday party together with my farewell party all at once.  I have to move the date since I was thinking that I will be going back to Bangkok on the first of May.  Sad to say because of the delay of the processing of my visa I had to extend one more week here before flying back to Thailand.

It was an amazing party that joins a lot of my favorite people around the Cebu.  My lovable friends in high school which were present during my last year’s farewell party.  My Apple work mates / friends, who came all the way and made me smile that night.  My crazy friends and my beloved dear plus a lot more of surprises came that night. I was tired since I helped in cooking plus entertaining visitors, chit chatting and one more thing a complaint I received from my mom.

But before midnight, everything changed.  I did not expect to received a surprise from my brother and King.  They sang Happy Birthday to me, bringing a cake plus balloons, with the entire gang cheering for me.  I did not expect it since I was busy chatting with my friends.  I know, I am a crybaby,  it was unexpected and my heart just went all out.  I shed a lot of tears like a baby crying.

One reason for crying was I was so overjoyed that night and nothing can ever change that mood.  Second was I was not able to change to my party outfit since I was busy cooking. Hhahahahah!!!

So what we did, was we made a round 2 of the birthday singing and surprises but no crying anymore.  I had enough of it.  See my eyes, it was all red and puffy because when I was dressing up to change, I talked to my mom and we had a heart to heart talk that changed everything. That was the best night ever.

Thank you to everyone who came and made me alive again.  These are the real set of friends I have, who are still with me through thick and thin.  Thank you so much for making me smile again.  I will surely miss a lot of you.  Thank you for that wonderful memory.  I love you all.

Warning, this post contains a lot of photos, please bear with me and just wait until the photos will load.  Have Fun!!!

candid shot while preparing the food.

home made carbonara, my specialty plus siomai, lechon kawali and grilled hotdog and pork…yummy!!!!

and their little surprise begin hahahah!

and here goes my emotional side.  My crybaby side…darn I really hate surprises!!!!

the cake and the following pictures were the round 2 photos after I changed my outfit.  I know…but a girl needs to be wonderful on her farewell and birthday outfit hahahaha!!!

a kiss from my brother dear!

and yes a kiss from my love of my life!!!

group pictures hahahah!

cheers for a better and happy life!!! and for more blessings to come!!!!

lovely friends, Isabeau and Raissa

lovely girls, my dear Jhessa, my brother’s ex-gf Aida still voting for her hahaha!!! and jenine

outfit post with Mara.  I forgot to take a solo outfit pose.

Dress:  Bangkok

Necklace: Loalde (gift from my mom)

Earrings:  Channel earrings

Smile:  The birthday girl smile.

me and my beloved dear!!! JHESSA!

last picture taking before I go to bed and rest.  It was a tiring but happy day!!!! Thank you again for everything.


6 thoughts on “Pre/post birthday and Farewell party”

  1. precious photos. i love them, the photos speak for themselves and they’re so natural. I want to do crazy photos too but my hubs is always shy even if he’s the one taking them. i think i am going to cry too when it’s almost time to say bye. You don’t look like you gained weight at all.

    1. hahahah… I lose a lot of weight when I got back from Bangkok, but now I think I am gaining because of the food hahahahah!!!! but it is okay…I can go on detox again….

  2. Aww there there now, don’t cry! It must have been so wonderful being showered with so much love and being pampered by your family and friends!! You’re one lucky girl, sweetie:)


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