Bonding with my Sister

The Barili Escapade made me bonded with my sister for a longer period of time.  I never felt anything like this before.  We talked and laughed together, I pampered her and just let her feel that she is my younger sister.  I never had this feeling before but seeing my siblings complete and happy makes me the happiest sister ever.

I made a special surprise for her and when I gave her a rose, it made me cry.  Tell me about being a cry baby but it was tears of joy.  I will make a post about her birthday surprise.  But we cam whored before the sun sets and watching it again, makes me teary eyed.  Sorry for being so emotional, I just miss her.  She is back in Manila for her to finish her studies but someday we will be able bond and meet again.  It is really nice to have a sister, right?

Me and beloved sister, they say we look the same..and yes right now we really look alike.  It is just a chinita and wide eyes difference.

I miss her now…


7 thoughts on “Bonding with my Sister”

  1. I agree, darling! There’s no one I love more than my sister too! They just get you somehow:)

    These are very beautiful pics of you both at the beach! Looks like a glorious time!!


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