last days in Bangkok

Last Sunday we had dinner with my favorite Thai teacher, Ajarn Nips.  I treated them out for MK with Glaiza and I just wanted to talk to her, since I know I am going to be missing her for sure.

She gave me a gift and we spent the entire night talking.  While saying goodbye, tears started to fall down from my cheeks and good thing Glaiza was there to console me.

The next day, I was rushing since I had to go to Chanchaengsao and then to the  Philippine Embassy  plus I need to give something and talk to my landlady.  I was very happy that Glaiza helped me packed.  The airport was so hot and there were a lot of people their ready to go home or off for summer.

Enjoy the pictures…will blog about my first day in Cebu and how my flight was hopefully later I do not want to be MIA! whehehee….

and our MK dinner!


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  1. Lubi says:

    Happy Trip.


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