my RED Saturday!

So this is the continuation of my adventure last Saturday aside from shopping from the mall.  I really need to buy something for my mom and I have been eyeing on it since last week.  So we headed off to Siam Paragon to realized that it was close.  I wonder, why until I took a peek out of the skywalk rail and saw thousands of Red Protesters staying in the most known place in Bangkok where all the luxury products are found.  I was still hoping that Central World is open.

We cannot use the skywalk so we went down and started taking pictures of the people.  I am not pro or anti I am just a simple tourist who loves to take pictures.  After Glaiza convinced me to take a photo with around them, I was shaking to death becaue I was wearing a semi-yellow shirt.   Hahahaha!

After my solo shot, one of the guys stood beside me and pose with me, then after another guy took our camera and said to Glaiza to join us.  We had the best Red protesters picture,  well we still considered ourselves as a tourist!!!!!

We then arrived at Central World and found out that it was also close, and saw thousands of people gathering around the Central World area, this is our lucky day.  Gaysorn, Central Chidlom and etc.  were temporarily closed.

We then found Big C to be open, we then headed off to take our lunch.  I was really hungry, we had to wait for 2 hours inside the bus just so that traffic would go through.  It was crazy, it was fun.  They were dancing and it doesn’t seem to be a rally, it looks like a concert.  Anyways, we then headed home to to relax.  After shopping at the mall, took some time over the net and slept.  I was just so tired last night.  How was your Easter Sunday gurls?

I was really amazed how civil and non-violent their mass rallies here.  If it was in the Philippines, I wonder what will happen next?

Enjoy the LAVAPALOOZA/Red Shirt protesters!!!!

took this picture inside the bus….and while waiting for two hours….we just chatted and camwhored hahahaha!

arrived at Siam Paragon and was shocked seeing a big crowd of RED protesters!!!! and oh no!!! Paragon is CLOSE for the day

pretty and brave Glaiza took the first move to take a picture with the REDS.

afraid and demure at first, who would want to post with the REDS if you are wearing a yellow green shirt but in their eyes, its YELLOW!!!!

and she was so brave enough to get closer to them…

until I finally got the guts to pose too…now with two guys smiling for me….

and this is the most CLASSIC photo ever!!!! the best!!!! who would have thought that they are friendly after all.

The party along Central World road…gawd I remember dancing to the Sinulog beat….

and the biggest crowd ever…it reached Erawan Shrine towards Sukhumvit Lane…OMG!!!!

it was very late for them to celebrate valantine’s but infairness most of them are very friendly and super nice.


16 thoughts on “my RED Saturday!”

    1. I know…I was so afraid at first because I still have some bad feeling about those people after all what happened to me…but she made me overcome my fear…and we just had a blast…though I wasn’t able to buy the bag that I wanted for my mom…I found some lovely alternatives!!!!

  1. holy cow! i was so stressed out Saturday morning. I left early for church just to get stuck in the traffic in the midst of these reds. My taxi fare went really high and I was entirely late to church. So futile peps. but they’re paid, that’s why.

  2. OMG! I can’t believe you girls are so brave to have taken pics with the reds! I would have been too scared and peed in my pants haha:P

    And it’s really to bad that the demonstration caused the paragon to close for the day!


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