a Tourist for a day

Yesterday Glaiza and I, shopped at Chinatown and had a blast, but an unexpected thing happened because of the mass rally of the red shirts, the bus that we took did not passed by the place and we had to go down somewhere else.  But luckily we went down to the tourist area of Bangkok.  I guess it was our lucky day after all, so before heading to Chinatown we stopped over at some of the beautiful tourist spots in Bangkok.

I have never been here even though I have stayed here for almost 9 months hahahhaha!  After buying our own goodies at Chinatown, we then headed off to Siam Paragon via bus, again the the bus did not go to Siam because of the rally and we stopped at Victory Monument.  I always passed by the monument via BTS train or by bus, but on that day I really took the chance of taking a photo of the monument.  Amidst all the people passing by the sky walk, I really wanted to take a picture of it.

We then arrived at Siam Paragon and the next story will be on my next post! hahahaah!

Well sadly, we weren’t able to shop at Siam Paragon and Central World it was closed due to the mass rally along the road.  We just headed off to Big C to fill our stomach with something since we never had anything to eat since breakfast.  After which we then headed off and bid farewell.

As for me, I stopped at the mall and grabbed the chance to buy presents for my brother and especially my mom.  Happily, I shopped until I dropped.  I was able to get 4 tops from Jaspal, shirts from F&M for my brothers and yes, a bag and a lot of stuff for my mom.  Isn’t she lucky?  hahahha!  I owe her a lot so it’s my time to give her what she deserves.  Happy Easter everyone!  I am starting packing my bags and slowly saying bye bye to Bangkok for a couple of days.  Whehehehe, I am so excited and happy.  I can’t explain how should I feel hahahah!

Enjoy the pictures.

The Bangkok City Pillar Shrine

Top: Ram Market

Shorts: Topshop

Sunglasses: F21

Bag: Nena

Flip Flop: Old Navy

The famous Victory Monument

and my part 2 shopping spree.  I really needed someone to carry all my shopping bags, my brother even tweeted to ride a cab to be safe.  Hello my pad is just a block away and my soi (street) is safe in Ramkhamhaeng.  The stuff that we bought from Chinatown was stuffed inside my super big Nena bag.  Dual purpose bag.  Hhahahaha!

Happy EASTER everyone!!!!


8 Comments Add yours

  1. Ces says:

    the temples reminds me of the time I was in Bangkok. I would surely love to go back there. I remember people thought I was a Thai girl. You do really like shopping! Lots of goodies you bought. That yellow shirt is so chic. Your outfit is so comfortable. You must be excited now your trip to the Philippines is coming soon.

    1. Sweet says:

      yes, Ces so fun….well I just did some shopping again because I lost the stuff that I shopped before…but anyways I don’t want to remember the tragic day again.

      thank you for dropping by. Yes the yellow shirt is so comfortable, I even wore it while we had our Ayuddhaya Trip…but now I am very happy I can wear shorts again…love it…thank you take care happy easter!!!


  2. dotie says:

    I’m in need of a shopping spree myself 😉
    nice shots!

    eclectic du jour

    1. Sweet says:

      thank you dear….

      shopping is a big remedy!!!!

  3. damnvixen says:

    lovey the pictures dearie! be here nah!

    1. Sweet says:

      bwhahah tomorrow nah…hehehe bongga can’t wait hehehe…

  4. Jesa says:

    Hi gorgeous!!!

    Just signed up to follow you back! LOVE your blog!

    Lovely pics!

    Cheers, Jesa

    1. Sweet says:

      thank you so much dear take care!!!!

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