Basic Instincts!!!!

Here I am in the cold daylight, puffing my third cigar when a delectable surprised happened.  Guess what? I just realized that I am now a certified single at heart and ready to break hearts again.  Through out my life I have always wanted a prince that would come my way, a graze of sunshine in his eyes, the gasp of a wonderful manly voice.

I admit that I am not the ideal specimen for love, hug and kiss stuff, yet considering that I still have a long path to take, but honestly, this is really a tight spot that is going through my mind right now.  Basically I haven’t cried lately, I’m still smiling, laughing my ass out to the so called happiness, or maybe this is just my vindication for me not to feel the pain inside, or maybe this is a big defiance of what I am absolutely feeling right now.

Everything seemed to work so well lately, all of my friends are so damn nice and loving; even my work mates are so supportive of my well off modulated broken hearted aura.  Laugh all you want, but still if you could only feel how I am feeling right now, if only you could understand and make me depict the things that is flashing in my mind right now, maybe a puff of cigar is not just enough to kill the time and kill away this vast torture in my life.  How do I run away from this shameless corner of broken promises and lie.  I have been turning round and round in circles but amazingly this silent killer is totally crushing me piece by piece and my entire life right now is damn broken.  I don’t want to cry, I just want to forget it, I don’t know how, I don’t even know when, where this aching heart will stop.

This is mostly the story of my life.  I still sing shit, scream likes bitches and crap, I still consider butt-headed freaks as jerks and nomad.  I’m still sweet, still dreaming of my prince and hopefully one day he would swept me off my feet away from this impound state of agony and deception, he may not have a great name nor be as handsome as wenty’s and my so called fantasy sam milby but I still believe that someway, one way or another, I will find him and when that time comes I will try to trust my instincts again.

10 thoughts on “Basic Instincts!!!!”

  1. Sweet, think about this… some people are lucky in love but their career sucks. You, on the other hand, have a great job waiting for you. Bata ka pa naman so make the most of your single life. The prince will come…

  2. Beauty & Brain.
    You’re all that.
    Don’t put too much pressure on your love life and other stuff. I know things aren’t that easy especially when you are caught in between (My words may be confusing right now but when we have all the time… One of these days, we can have a nice talk and a great laugh at everything 😉

    You’re blessed enough to have good friends and a great family for sure… with a great job and future ahead of you…

    I believe in you and I so admire your strength and courage…

    I love you cuz. Hmmm Few more months to go and I’ll be where I want to be… It sucks adding another year of your life and people trying to pressure you about marriage and stuff.. LOL!!! But U know, we’ll always be young at heart… You’re too young and there’s a lot more to learn from… Coz utro pud kong bata batuta og utok ba! hahaha

    I guess u know me very well… hmmmm
    U sure u know who I am?! hahaha

    Talk to U soon! tsupzmuahugz!

    TC always!

    1. of course I know you…hehheh from the words and all…I miss you…I just miss someone who I can talk to and just joke around everywhere…without thinking about issues of the heart…I dont have issues with king and my parents already…we’ve talked about it…I told my dad about it….I am happy coz little by little everything is in place… but there is something that is still bothering me..and I think you know that…hahahah!!! someone so close but so distant from me…my heart does not only belong to one…and saying that is very tough…I dont know if this is for real or just for fun just to get what I really want….hay life…I miss you muwah…love you always dear cuz…you better start blogging again hahahah!!!!

  3. I don’t know what really happened but I hope you guys could work things out. I just remember reading about your anniversary few days ago so I hope this is just another bump in the road. But as they say, life doesn’t end if your relationship with him ends. Basta you’re pretty, young and successful, you can get through this, easier said than done but it seems you’re a strong woman.

    1. thank you ces, honestly speaking…we are okay…this is just my problems and issues of the heart that i cant handle very well…this is for someone who is so insensitive and considering the what if in your life…thats all…thank you for the comment and I know I can get over this feeling

  4. HAHAHAHA!! amew man ka yadz!!!
    i miss everything we dO! LAUGH @ nuthin really laughable at just becoz we feel laughing our asses off lang! and we moan and moan like hell!!!! hahahaha even imagined how Lucy Torres moans!!! hahahaha! wutdah?!! who cares???!!! with a loud car stereo on! blah blah blah… singing our own tune!!! wow! it’s been years… time flies so fast…. miss u so much honey! hahahha

    1. I know we were young then…but we are still feeling young right now bwhahaha…I just can’t iimagine the moans are we possessed or it is just how someone moans if she is too perfect outside haaahhaha…OMG laughtrip I miss that….

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