My First blog award

Yey, I got my first lovely blog award from  Nina I did not expect it.  It is my first blog award since I started last May of 2009.  Wow I guess I am pretty doing well in this thinggy.  Anyway, I really love to visit Nina’s site because it consist of fashion information and she really has a great sense of style, makes me want to be like her when I have my own family soon.  One more thing, I always dream of becoming a ballerina and she has that talent which is so amazing.  Hope you continue to inspire a lot of new bloggers like me.

Now I have to pass this to 10 wonderful bloggers.  It is hard to choose but I’ve been visiting a lot of blogs lately and I have listed my favorite 10 blogs.

1. Michelle of Glisters and Blisters

2. Qin of Qin at the Disco

3. Madz of Pop your Fashion Pill

4. Betina of Her Armoire

5. Mom and Son of Mom Fashion World

6. Dane of Trust me its Paradise

7. Sher of Beneath the Crystal Stars

8. Elaine of Clothed Much

9. Isabeau of The Vixen\’s Lair

10. Samantha of Your Paper Heart

and it is your turn to pass this to 10 wonderful bloggers.

and don’t FORGET

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