School Exhibit

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Last Friday we had our student exhibit.  They said that we need to wear something pink.  The only pink clothes that is left washed in my closet is my pink dress during the new years countdown.  I paired it up with my ever loyal Espada black skirt and my Topshop blazer.  It was really fun.  My students won the skit competition which makes me oh so proud, like a proud momma!!!  They were able to memorize the lines, deliver it correctly and yes the props were so amazing.  Will upload the photos here.  But for now, here are the candid and fun moments during our exhibition, our booth was called Mr. Postman.  Students were tasked to write something for their special someone and post it on our notes board.  It was colorful and full of love.  That reminds me, I will be lonely on Valentines Day. 😦

and that is me with the haggard and no make-up look.  From the heat of the sun and the heavy crowd, I did not have time to beautify myself.  My hair was a complete mess hahahahha!

and because of my haggard look, I had to wear my shades (MNG) to cover my eyes.


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