Q and A

Question and Answer by some readers and people who emailed me.  Some of the questions are a bit weird.  Hahahahah!

During my preparatory years.  I know, Madonna fanatic much?

College graduation.  Dress from Celine,hair and make-up my MOI!!!!

First picture, picture booth the feathery outfit Moulin Rouge much? 2nd pic and 3rd pic was from my elementary years.  4th picture was during my 18th birthday, a white and virgin debutante.  Gown from House of New York.

My pageant years, Miss Showdown 1999 and Miss High School Intramurals  1999.  See the weight and body difference???

During the fitting of my 18th birthday gown.  The rest are photos from my Laser Writer job as a TV host.  All hair and make-up were done my MOI!

Why are you trying to loose weight?

Believe me, I get grossed out when I see myself before I arrived here in Bangkok.  Good thing I am getting into it now.  But I will post my old pictures for you to tell the difference hahahaha!

What is your favorite perfume?

Right now I am using Escada’s Sunset Heat and Flowers by Kenzo.

Do you always wear slippers?

I hate wearing heels when walking in Bangkok.  Unlike in the Philippines, I have my own car so I can just store a lot of shoes and not worry about walking.  It’s a bit hard to take a bus if you are wearing your heels, I am also a clumpsy person.

How much are you earning as a teacher?

In dollars, in peso or in baht?  Go figure it out!  SRSLY, enough to buy a Marc Jacobs quilted bag.  Hahahah, I think this is too personal.

Why did you decide to move to Bangkok?

I just decided to leave my life in Cebu last year.  But if you talk about being a risk taker, yes I am.  Sometimes my mom and I argue but I want to let her see my point.  I risked about my job, my career, love, friends, business and yes now my new life.  It takes to risk and learn from your mistakes rather than being safe all the time.  You should stand by your own grounds even though you may regret it but again, you learn from your mistakes.  Being independent and I am happy with my decision.

Where do you shop?

In Bangkok?  Mostly along Ramkhamahaeng Market, The Mall Ram, Central World, Zen, Isetan.  F21, Zara, F&M Bangkok,topshop, mango and jaspal.  For sporty stuff I go to Billabong or Roxy.  Shoes are mostly from Nena, nine west and sexy couture.  For cheap thrills I go along Ram Avenue, Suan Luam Night Bazaar or Siam Square.  A lot of shopping areas in Bangkok.

How did you loose weight?

Eat spicy foods and eat lots of Thai foods.  SRSLY, when I started adapting to the spicyness and the taste of thai cuisine, I just dramatically lost a lot of weight.  Exercise is also the best option.  Drink plenty of water, avoid sodas.  take 1 glass before you sleep and 1 glass when you wake up (water).  Bring a bottle of water in your bag, so that if you feel hungry check first if you are just thirsty or hungry.

Where do you get your fashion inspirations?

Magazines, blogger friends, Vogue.  It is hard to find a cheap English Mag in Bangkok, but I found an old man selling current issues of Vogue, Cosmo and a lot of English Mags at a very cheap price.  Lucky me!

What camera do you use?

Canon 400d and a Samsung point and shoot cam if I am a bit lazy bringing my NEO (DSLR).

Shoe size?

in the Philippines 8 in Bangkok 9 or sometimes 10

Is it hard to live alone?

Trust me, it’s really hard.  but I guess I was able to survive the first few months and I belived that God is always there with me.

Hardest part of being alone?

No one to talk to when you are totally depress.  I remember after my Teaching certification, I have to find my own place immediately.  It was hard since most of the places offered to me was way out of my budget.  And when I went to Laos for my visa run, it was even horrible.  It was really a tough start but I was able to manage everything well, with God’s help and wonderful graces.

You seemed to shop and go out, are you rich?

Hahahaha, my parents are rich.  So lucky to have a very hardworking dad.  But if you take away all my connections I can say I am not yet rich.  I am saving but not rich.  Maybe SOON it takes time, after another 5-10 years I guess?


5 feet and 4 inches tall

Favorite Food?

Pizza, pasta, burgers, grilled food and thai food.

Do you have any pet cats?

I am not really a cat person.


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