Good times on a Friday

One thing I love about teaching are the school activities.  It is way too different from the Philippines.  I only have 4 more weeks to go to teach my students plus a lot of student activities to finish.  February  is the end of the school year and March is the time for English Camp and special classes.

Part of the January activity was our student tour in Ayuddhaya.  Another one was last Friday, it was the student’s party.  No classes for the entire day and we had our little pig out sessions.  Free food for all the students and teachers plus concert along the hall.  Good times for a Friday morning, we ate ice cream and some fried pork and fish balls.  We hang out at the school park for a few minutes before going back to the office for some word factory fun.  I am still preoccupied about my students grades, blame it to the foreign teacher who went into AWOL before the midterm test.  BOO!  So sorry if I can’t regularly post my blogs.  It’s either I am too busy at school or preoccupied working out after school.  I know I just need to keep up with my regular visit to the gym.  I just weigh myself today and I lost 2 kilos for the entire week.  What a great way to start the week.  Hope you had a happy Sunday everyone!


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