Old Royal Palace, am I in Greece except of the bricks?

This is my favorite photo, why? Because I look slimmer here hahahaha!  I did not cam whore that much since my students are all staring at me every time I pose for the cam. Pretty hard to act wacky when your students are respecting and looking up to you.

This is the 2nd stop during our tour.  And this was the last picture taken with my Topshop scarf.  First time using it and I just lost it.  Arrgghhh.

I wanted to cam whore and take more pictures with the bricks but then again, all eyes are on me.  See the not so full smile. 😦

This is my favorite shot.  This is the old Royal Palace during the Ayuddhaya period.  So far this is the biggest palace in Thailand.  It was burned down by the Burmas because the Thai lost the battle.  Everything here are relics of the old kingdom and I wanted to do a photo shoot here, the place is so inspiring.

One of my favorite shots also.

AND MORE PHOTOS in collage forms.

We ended our trip with a lot of shopping.  My students were so sweet they gave me a lot of elephant souvenirs.

It was really a fun trip, though my body was all sore the next day but it was all worth it.  The trip made me bond more with my students and right now they are always calling me “Chang” because of how I love to see and ride on an elephant.

I am excited for their Skit competition because they will be doing it in front of the entire school for English days.  Will blog about that soon.  Thank God it’s Friday tomorrow!!! Toodles guys!  Hope you enjoyed my pics.  If any one of you wants to visit Bangkok, give me a ring or message me either here or twitter.  I will be very glad to be your tour guide and shopping partner.  Kisses everyone!


15 thoughts on “Old Royal Palace, am I in Greece except of the bricks?”

  1. your pictures are amazing!!
    I’ve never been to Thailand before but I heard that they have the most beautiful temples there..
    thanks for sharing 🙂

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