As promise, I will post about our Trip to Ayuddhaya yesterday.  But this is just going to be a preview, since I need a complete rest again tonight.  I am running a fever plus migraine and yes I have tonsillitis, so in other words I need a complete break.  The first stop was at Bangpa-in Palace here are my favorite shots.

I just realized that it doesn’t look like I am in Thailand but the place looks like somewhere in Europe, dream on sister!  But anyways, the place was amazing and my students were the silliest bunch of people.  They always make sure that I am enjoying the trip, dragging me from one place to another and of course it is there way of learning how to be fluent in English, they give me a detailed tour around the place.  They asked some meanings of the words written in tablets and let me translate some English sayings for their tour report.

It is nice to know the great culture of Thailand.  I love the palace of King Rama V, I will make a post out of it, I was able to take some photos inside hahahaha!  Imagine furniture were from Paris and some are Louis Vuitton and Versace products.  The thrones were made of gold and yes, tables were from pure ivory.   Enjoy everyone, will post more pictures later mwuah!!!!

Top: Thrift buy at Bangkok

Pants: RRJ

Blazer: Topshop

Bag: F&M

Scarf: Topshop

Wedge sandals: Nena

Shades: Rayban

Bangles: Cebu


2 thoughts on “EUROPE or WHAT?”

  1. blog-walking and ta-daa, found your lovely journals!
    i love travelling and this place looks nice – glad your having such a pleasant time there 🙂
    happy new year for you!
    will be coming here again for sure. keep posting!

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