Monday BLUES!

Sorry for my face, I don’t usually wear make-up  going to school, I just fix myself when I get to school and before my classes starts hahahha!

I woke up 4am today, but snoozed my alarm clock at 4:30am hahahah!  I had to wake up early to fix my hair, I promised this year not to put it in a ponytail except if I am in the gym or jogging.  After taking a shower, I prepared my utensil (meaning the hair dyer and my hair iron)  it took me 45 minutes to finish everything.

I wanted to wore the blazer from Topshop but I forgot that it was too big and it doesn’t have any buttons to cover my short white top.  So I decided to wear my baby blue blazer, a cheap find in BKK.  My usual Espada skirt, white top and accessorize it with the pearl necklace with a big star shaped Swarovski crystal from my aunts NACREA collection and my pearl earrings.   It was the perfect teacher outfit, I mean not so slutty just plain, casual and hip.

My students were at awe when they saw me.  Every time I enter each room, they would clap their hands and take pictures of me.  Silly kids, it was really their first time to see me wearing my hair down and they love how I looked with black hair.

Tomorrow I will be going out with my M5 students to Ayuddyaha for their study tour.  I exchange schedules with Johan so that I can attend the trip.  I am fixing now what to wear.  Just a simple shirt will do, I am just going to glam it up with accessories, shades or a scarf.  I can’t be too sexy or hip since the oldest Thai teacher will be going as well and she is too keen when it comes to teachers outfit at school.  More photos tomorrow for our trip.  Mwuah. xoxo Will sleep early tonight.  I only got 3 hours of sleep and I am just so tired for the entire day.  Kisses everyone, have a great week ahead of you!


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