Year End School Party

Last Tuesday, we had our year end party at the school, I wore an F&M top, promod pants, sexy couture wedge shoes and a black blazer from a vintage store at Ramkhamhaeng.  Fixed my hair and put some dash of eye shadow plus my bloody red lipstick.  Most of the old teachers were raising their eyebrows when we came in, I guess winning the most beautiful girl for the night made their self confidence go down the negative zero level.  It was fun, with all the raffle draws and the Thai foods.  Too bad I did not win the LCD TV or even the fridge, I am not so lucky when it comes to raffle draws or in any games.  Went home at around 11pm.  We made a stop over at 7-eleven, while waiting for our cab.  It was a fun experience but what suck the most is waking up early the next day because we were all required to go to school, a complete BUMMER!

Enjoy the pictures everyone!


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