2009 RECAP!

Sorry for updating just today, was very busy last night from our Teacher’s Party and I just came home from a dinner bonanza with my fellow teachers at school.  So here is a quick blog for the new year!

Recap about the things that happened this 2009.

January – The start of 2009, I was so hopeful for this year but I guess I expected a lot. There were endless parties and was just having fun with family, friends and loved ones.  It was the month of Sinulog in Cebu, so my bar was pretty preparing for the endless parties of the Cebuanos.

February – It was a bad month for me, negotiations were a bit blurry regarding my business.  It was a tough month and a big challenge for myself.  I had to drown myself in endless night outs and drinking sessions with King. I lost a lot of things, my trust in God, my faith in myself.  It was the most depressing month of all.

March – A new start for me, what a refreshing month.  Got my second car, hello Freddy, owned our two babies Skip and Stacy.  Everything went smoothly, I had to close the bar and start a new life.  Drinking sessions every night was still a blast, but the ties with my relationship with King became the biggest challenge.  My love life was at stake, stalkers, crazy people trying to get into to our relationship, trying to ruin what we have started.  Lies, deception everything was a big storm, it was scary, it was hard but I was able to survive it, we were able to surpass it and made us even stronger as ever.

April – Nothing new, except for shifting from freelance jobs, parties, always online and trying to get my Visa.  I failed on the Visa part because of not having any relatives in Canada BOO!  But it’s okay I guess it was not really meant for me.  I did try my best though.

May – We started the month having our own road trip, it was a fun ride.  Bonded more with King’s family, got to know who really are my real friends, who stick with me through out my problems and rantings.  Made a big decision that changed everything.  It was scary but it made me realize a lot of things.

June – the month of endless goodbyes with friends.  Spend most of my time with my family and with my friends who showered me with love and happiness.  It was hard to say goodbye, but I have to.  This was the point of the year where I wanted to stay but I have to go feeling! hahahaha!

July – I said hello to my new life, it was tough.  I said hello Bangkok but it was really hard to adjust, met new friends, new people, learned new culture and just feeling homesick everyday.  It was a challenge living alone, getting sick all alone and yes, trying to smile even though you are on your own.

August – The time were I cried really hard, I was feeling lonely and unhappy being independent.  I wanted to go home.  It was hard to start my job without no one to turn to or to talk to when you get home.  I just wished I was on a flight to the PI to keep me going each day.

September – The homesick feeling was gone, I was having a blast in Bangkok.  Met new friends and started liking my job, I was happy and contented with what I have.  I start believing in my life, and yes found my self again.

October – The best month of the year, I was able to see the love of my life again, spend time with him.  It was like dating him for the first time, spend quality time with my brother.  It was one of the days that I wish they just stay here with me all the time. Shopping, eating out and just having fun with them.

November – Again I hate goodbyes, the hardest part of the year.  I had to cry a lot again, being alone on my birthday and just feeling so empty.  I was still glad that my new family here in Bangkok was there to support and guide me.  It was more than enough to cheer me up everyday.

December – First time to spend Christmas all alone, but it was not as hard as spending my first birthday without my friends.  I always thought that Christmas is about Jesus whether you are with your family or not, but still you are celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ and not some random reunion or party.  And this is the part of the year, in which I am very excited to say Hello to a new year, goodbye to all the sweet and bitter memories and yes, excited for 2010.

Seriously, where did 2009 go? hahahhaa!  It was just like yesterday.



2 thoughts on “2009 RECAP!”

  1. You had a great year! I wish 2010 will bring you true happiness because you deserve it.

    Thanks for sticking to your blog. Even though I don’t leave comments that often, I assure you that I come by once in a while to check up on you.

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